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Expert Chemistry, Biology, Anatomy, CASPER & MCAT Lecturer + Tutor - 9 years experience - Medical Resident

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I am a junior medical resident with over 9 years of experience tutoring university courses and the MCAT. I scored in the 97th percentile for the Chem/Phys and 99th percentile for the Bio/Biochem sections of the MCAT (2017). I have also taught university exam prep and MCAT science lessons to in-person classes of over 150 students, as well as recorded over 1000 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring. Additionally, my work experience as a TA has taught me the ins and outs of how university exams are written, along with what students can expect from them. In chemistry and biology courses I can consistently predict the types of questions (and occasionally exact questions) that come up on exams. On top of my lecturing experience, I have also helped students to prepare for the MCAT exam. If you're writing the MCAT, I can work with you to design a study schedule, recommend high yield resources, as well as teach you an approach on how to tackle important MCAT questions/passages. In general, when tutoring I like to break down complex concepts into smaller steps using silly and efficient tricks. I've additionally completed a Master's in Neurosciences and finished medical school in Canada. I have expertise tutoring the following tests/subjects: MCAT (Chem/Phys, CARS, Bio, Psych/Soc) Organic Chemistry (>2000 hours between tutoring + TA + class instruction) Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Neuroscience (Physiatry resident) General Chemistry Biology Physics *$50/hr - REDUCED RATE for the following subjects: Medicine/NBME/Nursing/Physiotherapy/MSK Anatomy/Neuroanatomy/Pharmacy/CASPER exam* Scored in the top quartile on the CASPER examination (2022) Below are sample tutoring resources that I created to complement my lessons. Also, I have attached some of my student's MCAT scores before versus after our tutoring sessions! Reach out if you're interested in setting up a session! :)


Ottawa, Canada


English, French, Polish




Middle School
High School


University of Ottawa

2023 - 2028
Medical Resident

University of Saskatchewan

2019 - 2023
Doctor of Medicine, Medicine

University of Saskatchewan

2017 - 2019
Master of Science, Physiology

Queen's University

2013 - 2017
Bachelor of Sciences, Life Sciences

Work Experience

Private Tutoring

June 2020 - present
Private Tutor
- I have helped privately prep 26 students for the MCAT exam (on top of teaching Chem/Phys MCAT lectures to hundreds of students in the classroom setting) On average, students improve 10 points from the start to end of private TutorOcean MCAT prep. - I have prepped hundreds of college/undergrad students with chemistry exams. Usually, students reach out to me after a difficult midterm exam that didn't go too well, and we actively set out for a goal of getting a 90%+ on the final. - I also tutor pre-clerkship medical students to prep them for exams and introduce high yield clinical concepts to help them impress preceptors down the line in their medical training. - I have a very strong background in Neuroanatomy and and MSK anatomy, and offer discounts in these courses.

University of Saskatchewan

September 2018 - April 2019
Residence Tutor
I tutored a large range of courses to first and second year University students in residence. Courses tutored ranged from biochemistry to philosophy. I specialized in CHEM112, CHEM115, CHEM250, CHEM255, and BIOL120 tutoring


October 2017 - December 2018
CHEM281 Coursecram Instructor
I created a comprehensive study plan and prepped 400+ students for their Organic Chemistry midterms and exams at Queen's University (CHEM281)

University of Saskatchewan

September 2017 - December 2018
Biology TA
I worked for the Biology Department as a teaching assistant (TA) in a first year university introductory biology course (BIOL120).


May 2017 - August 2019
MCAT Instructor + Lecturer
Taught+lectured to classes of 40+ students how to effectively write the CHEM/PHYS section of the MCAT exam, as well as general tips on how to write the MCAT as a whole. I help students to build individualized study schedules and study techniques.

Queen's University

May 2017 - July 2017
Organic Chemistry Volunteer TA
I helped create tips and tricks for students taking the summer organic chemistry class CHEM281 in my fourth year of undergraduate university.

Arts & Sciences Undergraduate Society, Queen's University

September 2015 - April 2017
Peer Tutor
I tutored hundreds of hours to students at Queen's University students in biology, biochemistry, general chemistry, and organic chemistry.


Very helpful and good to get along with

He helped me lots with Chemistry and was fun to learn from! Would recommend to anyone needed any help with it!
By: Raelynne

Experience speaks volumes!

I was fortunate enough to book a few sessions with Michael to prepare for an organic chemistry exam, and he was amazing! There is no doubt a wealth of knowledgeable tutors out there, Michael included, but part of the reason why he stands out is because of his experience. He's had the same experiences we have, and as a result, he knows where to focus your learning, what concepts are the most important, how to prioritize your time, and can even predict the style of questions you might encounter on the exam. His sessions were focused and made the best use of the time, rather than explaining concepts sort of aimlessly with no clear goal, which can still happen with even very knowledgeable tutors! He explains concepts in a way that is easier to understand as well, and he is super kind and friendly!
By: Julie

Introduction and Scheduling

Great first session, in which we created a solid plan for the next 2 months!
By: Nancy

Very chill and good at going at comfortable pace

excellent at explaining and going at the student's pace would recommend to anyone
By: Laura

MCAT schedule and planning

It was a great and productive session! We went through everything on how to plan and study for the MCAT. Michael, as always, was very knowledgeable and quick to answer on every aspect fo creating the schedule and plan. I'm now genuinely excited to move forward with the MCAT only because Michael is so direct and convinced with the approach and everything! I'm eager to get started studying!
By: Ridhik