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Academic support for employees and their families, increasing employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

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Why Tutoring as a Benefit Is An Emerging Trend

It's well known that happy employees are more productive. Increase employee happiness by offering benefits that your employees want. A good benefit lowers stress. In-office benefits like free lunches are good, but what about the remote workers you want to keep? The most sought-after benefits from employees is personal growth. Education is the key to unlock your employees' growth and more.

Your employees may have families and want to provide a top-notch education to their kids. Corporate learning perks can apply to them as well. Imagine how satisfied your employees will be when they see their kids with better grades. Working with a Tutor is a proven way to do that.

To make this work, employers will need to provide a wide range of subject experts to their employees. Academic help, language training, homework support, standardized test, college admission preparation, and more. Our customer success team provides a white-glove experience. We will help your employees find the perfect tutor for their needs.


Reduce Employee Stress

Most of us need help when it comes to our educational needs. Companies that offer tutoring can help reduce the stress and anxiety of employees who are trying to improve their skills for upward mobility in your organization. Plus, helping parents know they have the support to enable their kids to get the help they need with school work removes major stress coming home after a hard day's work.

Recruit & Retain Talent

Many employers are moving towards flexible benefits programs, giving employees the ability to pick and choose where to invest their flex dollars. It's easier for you to recruit and retain your top talent when you offer a corporate learning benefit that supports parents and their school-age children who value the importance of continuing education.

Flexible Learning with Vetted Tutors

Highly sought-after subject experts can help your employees and family members reach their full potential. Employees can upskill and gain new capabilities on any topic, any time, from anywhere. Knowing that an expert tutor is there to help your employees and their kids 24/7 keeps employees more productive while at work and gives your organization a great return on investment.

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