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AliReza's photo

USD $35/hr

19 years of tutoring

English, Persian

Helsinki, Finland

AliReza E.


Islamic Azad University, Qazvin Branch

C#, SQL-Server, HTML, CSS, C++, PHP, Java, Python, System Analysis, Database, Network, Cryptography, Excel, JavaScript

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering I have a PhD degree in computer engineering and have been working and teaching in the field for several years. I have professional experience in teaching various programming languages and courses such as C++, C#, Python, SQL-Server, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, Node JS, PHP, Java, Database, Network and ... I can also teach analytic courses like system analysis, compiler, project management and... If you want to get started in learning anything regarding computer science or have a question about any topic, send me a message and we can book an intro session. I look forward to meeting you! ATTENTION: I will hold the first 30 minutes for free.

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Subjects: C#, C++, CSS, Computer Networking, Data Structures & Algorithms, Farsi, HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft Excel, MySQL, Network Engineering & Security Analyst, Object Oriented Programming, PHP, Python, SQL Server

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USD $12/hr

3 years of tutoring

English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi

Sialkot, Pakistan

Muhammad U.

University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

Expert tutor: PHP, Laravel, Javascript, C++, C#, Python, Java, VueJs, Web Development,SQL and more

Ready to elevate your programming skills and tackle diverse projects with confidence? Look no further! As an expert tutor, I specialize in PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, C++, C#, Python, Java, Vue.js, Web Development, SQL, and more. My robust mathematical background enhances my ability to simplify complex concepts and algorithms, ensuring your solid understanding. With years of teaching experience, I bring patience and dedication to every session, committed to your success. Expect hands-on projects that allow you to apply your knowledge and constant support whenever you need it. Furthermore, my expertise extends beyond the classroom. I have played an integral role in successful startup ventures, contributing to the development of systems that have not only withstood the test of time but have also been embraced by numerous users. These ventures have provided me with invaluable practical experience, allowing me to offer insights into real-world applications of programming. So, if you're ready to not only master these programming languages but also understand how they power the success of startups and large-scale systems, join me on this transformative learning journey. Together, we'll unlock your full coding potential and set you on a path to become a standout programmer in the industry. Enroll in my class today, and let's embark on this exciting adventure!

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Subjects: C++, CSS, Computer Programming in Cpp, HTML, Java, JavaScript, MySQL, Node.js, Object Oriented Programming, PHP, Python, Web Development

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USD $40/hr

12 years of tutoring


Mumbai, India

Sandesh P.


University of Mumbai, University of Mumbai

C, C++, Java, Linux tutor

Learning with me means guaranteed detailed explanation. I have been a professional tutor since 2011, teaching Engineering (Computer Science) students. I have proficiency in C, C++, Java, Unix/Linux. I completed my Bachelors in Information Technology in 2009. Later, I completed my Masters in Computer Engineering in 2015 (along with a full-time teaching job at an engineering college). My students know me as the teacher who explains various concepts by giving real-life practical examples. Some of my strengths are: Unix/Linux (Advanced), Java, C/C++, PHP, Theory of Computation (Automata Theory).

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Subjects: C, C++, Computer Science, Data Structures & Algorithms, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Object Oriented Programming, PHP

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Harry's photo

USD $30/hr

22 years of tutoring

English, Hindi, Punjabi

Jagraon, India

Harry S.


University of Illinois - Chicago

Python, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, Programming in C, C++, Java, ASP, C#.NET, Visual Basic, Oracle, VBScript, JavaScript, Data Structures and Machine Learning Expert

Hello I am 22 years experienced Online Tutor and Assignment Helper for Computer Science. I teach Python, PHP, MySQL, Jquery, Programming in C, C++, Java, ASP, C#.NET, Visual Basic, Oracle, VBScript, JavaScript, Data Structures, Machine Learning. I have teaching experience of teaching IT Professionals , students from different grades, graduate and post graduate classes for more than 22 years. Presently I am teaching students online, providing homework assignment help, provide help in online tests for the students from USA ,UK, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Austria, Saudi Arab etc. Also, I am in Software Development and Web Designing. I have helped 1200+ students from different countries in last 22 years. Regarding my teaching methodology, I always start teaching the concepts right from the scratch so that the students can learn concepts easily. I use voice chat to demonstrate the things and virtual whiteboard which is required for practical demonstration. I graduated with a degree in Computer Science and due to my cumulative academic success, I am familiar with the popular teaching/testing techniques; strategies which you will encounter in your coursework. My goal is to help students and professionals acquire new skills or improve their skills through my vast tutoring experience. I use lesson plans in which I usually introduce the topic in creative manner. Throughout the years, I have had the most rewarding experience when my students, besides turning their grades around, feel empowered to the point they become an IT expert. I take my classes very personally and work one to one to identify my student's areas of weakness. I love helping students in programming and my goal is to help students understand coding in a very simple, easy, and fun way. You will have individually tailored sessions to increase your potential. Thanks

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Subjects: ASP.NET, C, C#, C++, Cloud Computing, Computer Programming in Cpp, Computer Science, Computer architecture, Computers, Data Science, Data Structures & Algorithms, Data Visualization, Database, Machine Learning, Python

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USD $15/hr

5 years of tutoring

English, Bengali, German, Arabic

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Abbas M.

London Metropolitan University, Texas Sothern University

Experienced teacher with ICT expertise

I am Abbas and have been tutoring Students from O Level/GCE/IGSCE backgrounds. Educational Background I myself am from a GCE background this is why I understand student psychology. Initially, I went to study college in Texas, United States. I had to prepare for the SAT and TOEFL, and this is why I can help students prepare for the exam. My target was the University of Texas, Austin but due to personal reasons had to come back to home. My strongest points are logic and understanding. I have taught physical students from the O-level stream. That is from middle school to High school (O level) up to 10th class. Education-wise, I am from the IT sector with 15 years of experience in IT. This includes being involved in developing PHP solutions, and e-commerce sites, and working with .NET technology. IT background My journey in IT was interesting since I learned the way to be a good programmer is to start with C programming. Recommendation for being a good program: 1. C 2. C++ 3. Java. Do not start programming by learning any other language. What I am teaching • IGSCE /O Level subjects: Maths and Physics • Middle School to High school (O level-10th grade). • IT programming help: C, C++, Java, PHP,.NET. Basics of these languages. I teach so you can program by yourself not just depend on code. • Database concepts. • Preparation for SAT, TOEFL, TASP.(Texas based Exam, mandatory for the state). Other IT help: • Help with IT projects /assignments It is not enough for a teacher to be good in studies but he has to make sure his students can be good. Experience IGSCE students-IGSCE/GCE: both physically and online. American High school: Maths ,Physics. Programming -.NET.

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Subjects: Algebra, C#, Database, English as Second Language, IELTS, Maths, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Object Oriented Programming, PHP, Physics, SAT Mathematics, SAT Writing, TOEFL, Writing

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“Akshay is an exceptional Pre-calculus tutor for university-level students. He has a great way of explaining complex concepts and ensures that his students understand them. He is always ready to provide additional explanations if needed. I highly recommend him and look forward to booking him again.”Sasha

Best online tutor
Akshay J.
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“Richard is an exceptional tutor who has the ability to explain complex concepts in a simplistic way. His step-by-step instructions help to build confidence and understand the material better. Furthermore, he provides numerous tips and resources to facilitate success.”Jessica

Best online tutor

“I had a session on Linear Algebra, and it was very helpful. Mirjana was excellent in explaining matrices, and I could understand the concepts quite well. I would definitely request her assistance again.”Lateefah

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Mirjana M.
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“Students struggling in math should seek help from Reza. He is patient, composed, and adept at explaining complex concepts in a clear and understandable way. He is also very generous with his time and willing to assist students on short notice.”Rajasiva

Best online tutor

“Sierra provided me with an exceptional tutoring session in chemistry. She was patient and made sure that I fully comprehended every concept. I am grateful for her assistance.”Erin

Best online tutor
Sierra P.
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“Michael did an excellent job in assisting me to comprehend various types of isomers. His tips and tricks were beneficial in resolving challenging problems.”Jada

Best online tutor
Michael A.
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“I have found Anisha to be an exceptionally patient tutor who provides clear explanations that have helped me to comprehend various topics. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance.”Sam

Best online tutor
Michael A.
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“I received invaluable assistance from Patrick in terms of the direction for my papers. Collaborating with him was a comfortable experience, and it made the writing process much more manageable.”Stephanie

Best online tutor
Patrick P.
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“Elena's assistance was invaluable to me during my college essay revision session on Greek Mythology for the Humanities subject. She provided positive and helpful feedback and demonstrated expertise in several areas, which she explained very nicely.”Abigail

Best online tutor
Elena M.
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Frequently asked questions

PHP help

Why hire a PHP tutor near me?

It's usually in sophomore year when students take actual PHP courses. That's a great time to begin looking for a "PHP tutor near me" or "PHP tutoring near me," because that's about the time when you start focusing on web development as a career, whether that's as a web developer, web designer, or other paths. A private tutor can help you manage test anxiety and show you time management techniques that you may want to employ to ensure that you work through as many of your test/exam questions as possible during the time allotted to help maximize your scores.

If you're a student learning about PHP earlier than university and want to get a head start on your science education, getting help from an experienced tutor can help you learn the right PHP basics. Private tutoring can help you learn key concepts to truly understand the key foundational concepts that future versions of PHP will build upon. They can also help you with practice examples, live lessons, real-world examples, demos, practice interviews, video tutorials, and so much more. A PHP tutor can use a variety of approaches that work best with your learning style.