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Eric M.

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Statistics anxiety? Ph.D. level statistician and epidemiologist uses proven methods to increase understanding and increase confidence.

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I have been a professor at two universities and have years of tutoring students for undergraduate and graduate statistics and epidemiology courses. A highly rated and empathetic teacher realizing that the anxiety that many students feel when confronted with statistics is out of proportion to the difficulty of the subject. I am very conscious of the discomfort of the student and emphasize getting a solid understanding of key concepts rather than the mathematical details. I have developed a criminal legal analogy (published in the Medical Teacher Journal) for statistical testing that has proven highly successful at emphasizing deep understanding of statistical concepts. I have advised many students on statistical, design and interpretative issues for their research papers and theses.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


English, French




High School


University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston

1984 - 1988
Ph. D., Epidemiology (minor biostatistics)
Graduated from this university program which is a leader in the field. I also have a M.Sc. in statistics from the University of Vermont.

Work Experience

Canadian Institute of Health Information

September 2016 - January 2022
Senior analyst
Contributing an epidemiological/statistical perspective, participating in teams working on complex health data related projects. Major duties included SAS statistical programming, statistical analyses, seminar presentations, report writing and especially using critical thinking to accurately and completely interpret data.

Epistats Solutions

January 2008 - present
I have accumulated varied experience applying statistics and epidemiology to real world programs. I have taught university students and tutored scores of students. The students ranged from grade 12 to phd students and medical doctors. I also have developed statistical/epidemiological seminars that I have delivered to law firms, libraries, private businesses, universities (several times at York University), professional colleges including The Canadian College of Naturopathy and The Canadian College of Osteopathy.


very helpful

I was struggling in my statistics course but Eric knew what he was doing and helped me understand each concept much better and helped me learn how to work through the homework questions i had. it was a night and day difference at the end of our sessions and my grade greatly increased in the course. I would highly recommend.
By: Wes

Very Helpful & Knowledgeable

Taking into consideration how difficult it was to find someone to assist me with understanding a very specific course (research methods in epidemiology) I am grateful I found Eric. He was patient with me as I have a slow processing speed and often tend mix things up easily. As well, patient when it came to reviewing the content I sent prior to our sessions and was prepared during our sessions. He was able to reassure me when I was on the right track with my learning as well as was very knowledgeable and was able to give multiple different good real world example to enhance my understanding of the concepts. He also was able to find other resources for the that were helpful and aligned with my learning style. Overall, before Eric I was completely lost with the content and he was able to assist me in my learning, improve my understanding and confidence.
By: Isabelle

Writiting help

Eric M gives helpful feedback and suggestions to make your scientific papers better. He takes the time to go over what you have written.
By: Odette