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High School Math and Olympiad Math

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Welcome to my tutoring services! I offer personalized and effective math tutoring for students of all ages and levels. To learn math effectively is to understand a topic enough to contemplate its beauty, and with my knowledge and experience in math, competition math, and pre-calculus, I can help you achieve that level of understanding. I know how sometimes it is hard to untangle a problem or a concept. I remember when younger, that in order to solve a tricky question, the professor would make us experience those "aha!" moments, when everything becomes clear. It is in those times that a refresh and a new light is needed to unlock the puzzle. Personalizing my approach to meet your individual needs and build on your current level of understanding, together, we'll access your past tutoring and current teaching methods to complement and develop your knowledge further. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and gain a deeper appreciation for the beauty of mathematics.


Tsukuba, Japan


Portuguese, English, Japanese




Middle School
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Colegio Objetivo Integrado

2019 - 2022
High School Diploma