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Andy H.

CAD $20/hr

Math and Programming Up to First Year University! *Software Engineer Teaching Math & Programming*

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From elementary school to first year university students, I welcome you to experience an engaging and interactive tutoring session with me. I will do my best to give you an active role in the session - small discussions here and there, "try it yourself" practice bouts and full-solution walkthroughs afterwards, as well as visual tools and illustrations to help you "see" the math or programming concept we are discussing. - Experience - I have been part-time tutoring for 5 years through my university's version of Tutorocean (Experience in McMaster University Engineering Courses!) . I've held over 350 sessions and helped dozens of students. Students have often described sessions as easy to follow and well-explained. - Courses & Topics - - Linear Algebra - Calculus - Advanced Functions - Introduction to Programming - Discrete Mathematics - Concurrent Programming - Programming in Java and Python - Data Structures and Algorithms


Lasalle, Canada


English, Japanese




Middle School
High School


McMaster University

2016 - 2022
B.Eng, Software Engineering


Helpful for 1ZB3 and 1ZC3

Andy is super easy to understand and easy to talk to. He helped me with questions from 1ZC3 and 1ZB3. He does not make you feel bad for not getting it right away or for struggling with a ""simpler"" question. He also gives good exam tips too.
By: Khush

Very Helpful

Andy is very reliable and does a great job of helping his students understand concepts that they may have struggled with. Would definitely recommend him if you need a tutor.
By: Armaan

Clear and Concise

Andy is excellent at explaining the concepts in the questions we went over and super clear when explaining and demonstrating the solutions. Totally recommend working with Andy.
By: Ethan

Great at explaining and breaking down concepts

With complex questions with many steps, Andy is great at breaking down everything and explaining how each part works, and how to go from basic formulas to an end result.
By: Jackie

Very Helpful Tutor

Andy is a great tutor, he knows all the concepts and does a great job of explaining ideas thoroughly to ensure that you understand.
By: Erion