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Mandisa Amanda P.

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A teacher who always motivates her students. My students are smart and capable!

5 hours

Elementary and Middle school Math and science pac

Book 5 lessons for 40 dollars. Including a free 15 minutes session, where I find out what you need help with so I can design a lesson plan suited for you.

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I’m teacher Mandy, I’m from South Africa. I have an mechanical engineering qualification and a mechatronics engineering qualification and I’m also a certified TEFL teacher. I have two years experience tutoring English, Mathematic and Science These are some of the topics my math elementary class consists of: (1)How to count, identify and write numbers (2)Perform addition and subtraction (3)Number patterners (4)Combining shapes to create other shapes and being able to identify geometric shapes in real life (4)Rounding off numbers (5)Understanding two and three dimensional shapes (6)Solving word problems that includes money ,time and measurements (7)Finding Perimeter and area of a shape by counting units (8)multiplication and division Here are some of the topics my middle school lessons consist of: (1)How to plot points on a coordinate graph (2)Understanding of pre-algebra concepts (4)Analyze proportional relationships (5)Answering real world and mathematical problem (6)Using numerical and algebraic expression (7) Algebra (8)Geometry (9)Measurement and data analysis and probability These are some of the topics my elementary science class consist of: (1)Characteristics of living things and the major groups of livings things e.g. mammals, birds, insects, flowering plants) (2)Major body structure and their functions in animals and plants (3)Life cycles of common plans and animals (4)States of matter(solid, liquid, gas) (5)Classifying materials based on physical properties(e.g. weight/mass, conducting heat. conducting electricity) (6)Mixtures and how to separate mixtures (7)Electricity and simple circuits (8)Properties of magnets (9)Gravity (10)Distance and time Some of the topics my science middle school class consist of: (1)Periodic table (2)Physical states and changes in matter (3)Conversation of energy (4)Application of newtons law (5)Properties and behavior of sound and light (6)Weather and climate (7)Stars and galaxies


Sebokeng, Gauteng, South Africa


English, English , Southern Sotho, Zulu




Middle School


University of South Africa

2024 - 2025
Higher certificate in physical science, Engineering
The purpose of this qualification is to further improve students reading and writing in academic, business and standard English language. It also gives broader knowledge on mathematics and physical science as well as practical skills in laboratory.

Work Experience

The Vaal high school

August 2021 - December 2023
I was tutoring English and maths