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UBC+SFU+TRU+BCIT+UVIC+Langara Math tutor. Online Math,Calculus & Statistics tutor.

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Hi,I am Richard (Reza) with a B.Sc in Math. I have been a full time UBC,SFU,UVIC,VIU,TRU & Athabasca (AU) Math tutor for the past 16 years.I will use interactive software and write every thing down on whiteboard so that by the end of the tutorial you will have 10-12 pages of neatly written digital notes taken with a Wacom pen and tablet . I will use sketches and diagrams to visualize and simplify complex concepts.I will explain concepts in a step by step manner and explain all the details of the calculations.Together we will also solve recent midterms and finals to prepare you for exam type questions. I will apply efficient problem solving strategies and accelerated learning techniques to prepare you for quizzes, midterms and the final exam. My method of tutoring is to work with you to develop your theoretical understanding of the concepts. I will ask you questions and guide you towards the answer, while at the same time pointing out efficient strategies for solving exam type questions. I specialize in tutoring : UBC Math 110,UBC Math 100,UBC Math 100C,UBC Math 101A,UBC Math 101B, UBC Math 101C,UBC Math 180,UBC Math 184,UBC Math 104,UBC Math 102, UBC Math 105, UBC Math 103, UBC Math 200, UBC Math 253, UBC Math 221,UBC Math 215 ,UBC Math 255, UBC Math 256, UBC Stat 200, TRU Math 1141, TRU Math 1241, TRU Math 1171, Langara Math 1174,Langara Math 1274, Langara Math 1171, Langara Math 1271,SFU Math 150,SFU Math 151,SFU Math 152, SFU Math 155, SFU Math 157,SFU Math 158, SFU Math 251,SFU Math 310,SFU Math 260,UBC Math 101,UBC Math 105,UBC Math 103,UBCO Math 116,UBCO Math 225,UBCO Math 142, VCC Math 1100,VCC Math 1200,BCIT ELEX 7020.BCIT OPMT 1130,1197,5700,5701,TRU STAT 1200,1201,2000.UOttawa MAT 1300,1308,1318,1320,1322,1330,1339,Corpus Christi College Math 105,110,111.McMaster Math 1A03,1AA3,1MM3,1M03,1ZA3,1ZB3,1AA3,UVIC Math 100,101,102,109,200. AP Calculus AB/BC.Athabasca University (AU) Math 260,265,266,270,271,365,376 tutor,UToronto MAT135H1,UToronto MAT136H1.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada








University of Saskatchewan

1986 - 1990
B.Sc Advanced degree, Mathematics
I graduated from University of Saskatchewan in 1991 with an advanced 4 year degree in Math, I have been tutoring full time in Vancouver for the past 16 years.

Work Experience

Tutoring Company

September 2015 - June 2019
Math tutor
Self Employed Math Tutor

Self Employed Math tutor

January 2003 - present
Math tutor
Self Employed Math Tutor


Excellent Mathematics Tutor

Reza always prepares ahead of time and is great at explaining complicated concepts. He also provided me with many helpful resources. Thank you Reza!
By: Suzanne

Thoroughly went through Practice Exam questions

Was extremely helpful in preparing for the exam. Went through Practice Exam questions in great detail and gave lots of tips for taking the exam.
By: Kamryn

So helpful!

He has really helped with organizing a plan for studying. He's so helpful with providing resources so aid studying in addition to being a wonderful tutor.
By: Caitlin

Very helpful

He is very thorough and very careful in providing solutions to tough problems.
By: Zaid

Calculus 100

Very understanding and helpful! The sessions are tailored to suit your needs and are very efficient :)
By: Natania