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My name is Nteboheng Mokhethi, and I am thrilled to be your English tutor. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from the National University of Lesotho, and English is one of the official languages in my country. I believe strongly that if people are given the tools and a platform, as individuals can change the world for the better. My way of contributing my bit is to empower individuals with knowledge. Each one teach one is my motto when it comes to this. I am excited to share this enthusiasm in passing on knowledge with you. In my classroom I foster an interactive learning environment that encourages participation and engagement. I am also very flexible enough to adapt my teaching my teaching approach to different student types, from those who learn by activities to introverted theorists. In my classroom giving feedback is not just so students see what they got wrong, it is an integral part of their develop, it’s focused on praise and achievement along with improving on areas of weakness. I am trained to use all forms of technology if they’re available to enhance learning and make it more fun and accessible. Different learning materials allow me to create an environment that’s supportive and inclusive so students can feel confident enough to engage with me and other students in the classroom. As an educator it is important to practice what you teach and understand that how one carries themselves impacts the students’ behaviour greatly. Having good morals and ethics and treating students with respects is a good way to ensure they embody these ideals in the classroom and in life. I always try to impart students with the understanding that one needs to be responsible for themselves and those around them as I am a person with a strong sense of community. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell you more about myself, I look forward to getting to know you better. Warm regards Nteboheng Mokhethi.


Maseru, Maseru, Lesotho


English , Sesotho




Middle School
High School


National University of Lesotho

2018 - 2022
Bachelor of Science in Biology and Chemistry, Industrial science
The degree delves deep in both the biological and chemical side of the environment.

Work Experience


June 2022 - present
Military Hospital
I work as a lab technician