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Certified tutor with experience in shaping a non-English speaker into a proficient English Speaker.

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I'm a fully qualified English tutor from South Africa. I love learning about different cultures and countries. I'm very passionate about the English language and aspire to pass on my knowledge and skills to those who also want to master the English language. I'm a very patient tutor who believes that with the right mindset and eagerness to learn, we all have the power to achieve whatever we set our minds to. I have experience in helping students master the English language and becoming confident in reading, writing and speaking in English. In our class, we're going to focus on grammar, pronunciation, comprehension and vocabulary, as these are the core concepts of mastering the English language. I am a very relaxed yet professional tutor and understand that the learning process can often be very stressful already, so I do not want to add to that. I'll create a holistic environment that stimulates constant growth and challenges oneself to improve through getting out-of one's comfort zone and stretching one's mind so as to see how far one's capabilities can reach with mastering new language learning skills. The first time we speak to each other, I will ask you exactly what it is that you wish to learn, and perhaps why, and some questions about your own interests too. This will allow me to structure our conversations in such a way as to eventually fulfil your goals of speaking your desired language as fluently and as confidently as possible. It does not matter what language or languages you currently speak, all that you need is the eagerness and the willpower to learn. So,If you have the eagerness and desire to improve your English writing, reading, grammar, spelling skills, and I would be more than happy to patiently be of your assistance. Book Now for a first free 15 minute session, so as to work together towards your mastery of the English Language.


Kempton Park, Gauteng, South Africa






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Teacher Record

2022 - 2022
Teaching English As A Foreign Language., Education
I'm a fully qualified TEFL certificate Holder who underwent intense training that has shaped me into a mentally and emotionally stronger individual than I was before.


Top-notch the best I ever had

Miss Gomolemo is the best English tutor she was very helpful and patient Her work is amazing πŸ’“πŸ’“
By: Isheanesu

A very good tutor

My English vocabulary has increased and my grammar also improved since she started to tutor me.I highly recommend her if you struggling with English. πŸ‘πŸ»
By: Ole

Awesome tutor taking me step by step. Thanks

She focuses on my development and literally tutors with great attitude,her sessions are engaged .I get excited to learn everytime.
By: Moses

Such an amazing Tutor!!!

I really don’t have the words to express how happy I am to have found a tutor like Gomolemo. Absolutely the best.
By: Sedi

She knows her work, one of the greatest

Wish I could have encountered this tutor earlier but I am glad I found her as soon as I could. Great tutor of all times, thank you I appreciate it. By: Keamogetse M.
By: Zach