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Maria S.

CAD $20/hr

Experienced Math Tutor for 10 years

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It is my belief that something is not understood until it is fully and clearly explained. Every time I presented a lesson, I tried to present it in a way relatable to each individual student. My own understanding increased from helping to ease students of their confusions in Mathematical, Historical, or Scientific topics, to reading books and giving group lectures about them, my experiences as a tutor have increased my ability to explain and teach. Taking care of children has always been one of my major passions. Watching children grow, explore and learn has been a rewarding experience that excites me. Their imagination, innocence and creativity are highly enjoyable. Teaching them through art, reading, and outdoor observations offers them the knowledge that they may need in school and later life as they grow up. Every time I nurture a child's interests, I help him or her become a better, brighter individual who can become a successful adult. Patience. The most important criteria in being a tutor of any subject is patience. The students who I have taught have gotten at least one problem wrong in my sessions with them. I have never become upset with the student, since I am there to help them understand the lesson, not to encourage them to become more frustrated over not comprehending the content. I always just remain calm and never lose my temper. I give the student time to complete the problem and give him or her hints to help him or her remember a missing step.


Washington, District of Columbia, United States






Middle School
High School


Trinity Washington University

2016 - 2019
Associates, Occupational Therapy

Work Experience

Cactus Cantina Restaurant

March 2017 - present
I greet guests and sit them at their designated seats. I love communicating with the public. I learn about different cultures and people around the world.