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Pranav P.

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Experienced Software Developer and who teaches coding and Math with hands-on projects and real-world applications.

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I am an experienced full-stack developer and data analyst with a strong background in both practical and academic settings. With over five years of experience in programming languages such as Python, Java, ReactJS, NodeJS, and SQL, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my tutoring sessions. I have also spent over four years studying and applying data analytics methodologies, including machine learning, clustering, regression, and data visualization. My professional experience includes internships at UnitedHealth Group Corp. and Walmart Inc., where I developed robust software solutions and implemented advanced data analysis strategies. These roles have equipped me with a deep understanding of how to apply theoretical concepts to real-world projects, ensuring that my students gain practical skills alongside their academic knowledge. As a tutor, I am committed to fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment. My teaching approach combines clear explanations of complex concepts with hands-on practice, ensuring that students not only understand the material but also know how to apply it effectively. I tailor my lessons to each student's needs, providing personalized guidance and support to help them achieve their goals. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics of coding and math, an intermediate learner aiming to build on your existing skills, or an advanced student tackling complex projects, I am here to help you succeed. My goal is to inspire confidence, build competence, and ensure that every student feels equipped to tackle their academic and professional challenges with confidence. With my extensive experience, personalized approach, and commitment to student success, you can trust that you are in capable hands. Let's embark on this learning journey together and unlock your full potential in coding and math.


Vienna, United States


English, Tamil, Hindi




Middle School
High School


Virginia Tech

2020 - 2024
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Work Experience

UnitedHealth Group

May 2023 - August 2023
Data Analyst Intern
• Developed and maintained databases to support performance improvement activities, ensuring data integrity across the organization through cross-functional collaboration and advanced SQL for data retrieval and transformation. • Designed and executed comprehensive Machine Learning strategies, including cluster analysis and the creation of multiple readmissions predictive model reports using Python (Pandas, Scikit-Learn, Django, etc.), significantly contributing to healthcare operational insights in New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Delaware, and Maryland. • Implemented robust testing protocols, including unit and regression testing, to validate and enhance the quality of developed reports while performing user acceptance testing to ensure seamless deployment and bug resolution. • Played a pivotal role in front-end development, crafting intuitive user interfaces with technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap, coupled with JSON for data management, to facilitate accessible report visualization and interaction by employing Agile and SCRUM methodologies. • Elevated the client’s data quality by an average of 15% across 5 projects by querying client data using Python & SQL and conducting root cause analysis for 300+ entities in the dataset.


May 2022 - August 2022
Software Developer Intern
• Engineered robust full-stack solutions using Django, Flask, and Spring MVC frameworks, integrating backend technologies like PHP/MySQL and Oracle with front-end development in HTML, CSS, ReactJS, NodeJS, and AngularJS to enhance user experience and interface design. • Implemented advanced data handling and visualization techniques utilizing Pandas, NumPy, and Tableau for real-time data analysis, driving insights, and improving decision-making tools through effective use of SQL and Python scripting. • Developed and maintained API endpoints and complex SQL queries, improving system integration and data exchange capabilities, supported by a deep understanding of RDBMS, containerization, & AWS to ensure scalable and secure apps.