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I have been instructing for years and I enjoy teaching everything from martial arts to calculus. I am happy to help you through any elementary, middle, or high school course. I have read and studied textbooks that are horrible at explaining things. I had to work hard to learn a lot of lessons. But now, you can reap the benefits of my experience by being my tutee! I am different than other tutors (or textbooks for that matter) because of my teaching method. I break concepts down in a way that are understandable and repeatable. Here's the process: 1. I explain what we're doing. This sounds simple, but textbooks and tutors alike forget to leave it out. If we are studying Pythagorean Theorem, I will start out by stating what we are doing clearly and concisely. 2. I demonstrate what we're doing. To continue with the Pythagorean Theorem example, I would present a problem where this concept should be used, and I will complete the problem in full so you, the student, can see the full answer. 3. We will do problems together. Depending on the complexity and length of the problems in question, we will do singular or multiple questions at a high-, mid-, and low-level of explanation for each. 4. You will repeat a few of the questions that use the particular concept we are studying. I will be there to help you along if you get stuck. 5. Of course you will be asking questions along the way, but now, at the end, you can ask any final ones.


Glendive, Montana, United States


English, German




Middle School
High School


NorthStar Academy

2016 - 2019
I am currently a senior in high school at NorthStar Academy, an online school. I have a 4.185 weighted GPA (3.994 unweighted). I have taken multiple honors and AP courses of all sorts. So far I have taken the AP Calculus AB exam, on which I got a 3, and the AP Chemistry Exam, on which I got a 5. I am currently taking and plan to take the exams on AP Biology, AP Literature and Composition, AP US History, and AP Calculus BC, and all of which I have an 'A' in currently. I scored a 32 composite score on the ACT, with a perfect 36 in science, 34 in math and reading, and a 24 in English. Besides my academic achievements, I have been a martial arts instructor for 4 years now. I am currently pursuing instructor certification in Korean Taekwondo and Japanese Bojutsu, and I teach both these as well. I have taught kids and adults of all ages, and one thing I have over others is experience. From leading seminars to teaching private lessons, I know how to communicate with people and express what they need to do to succeed.

Work Experience

Good Martial Arts

July 2018 - present
Chief Instuctor
I teach all classes and curriculum for Good Martial Arts.

Eastern Montana Martial Arts Academy

October 2017 - May 2018
Sparring Class Leader
I developed class plans (which included warmups, new techniques, drills, sparring, and cool downs) and taught taekwondo sparring classes.

Eastern Montana Martial Arts Academy

June 2015 - May 2018
Assistant Instuctor
I assisted with instructing taekwondo classes for children and adults. this included leading warmups and teaching techniques, patterns, and combinations.