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Kenji W.

USD $28/hr

Fullstack Coder (Has won 5 300+ participant hackathons before highschool)

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Hello! I'm Kenji, a fullstack coder who has 5 years of experience in the coding world. Fullstack is the intersection between the web and the servers running the logic. Since I was little, I have always been interested in making things come to life, and coding was what helped me express this. I am sure I can help you or your child do the same. Shoot me almost any topic, and I am sure I can help you grow and develop in these fields. I have knowledge in Node.JS, Vanilla JS, HTML, CSS, EJS, Python, the C's, SQL, MongoDB, etc. Bragging: I have a five hackathons win streak, two even collegiate level. Coding has interested me since I was little, only 10 years old. When I started, I wasn't able to make any programs and was just scrapping together information. But at some point, it just clicked, and my learning progression increased quickly. Knowing what it was like to learn code when I was very young, I am sure I can help make you/your kid have that click, for as I said before, I had that click. Remember, age doesn't matter in the grand scheme of coding. Programming is a skill that is only getting more valuable as our lives get more entangled with the internet. Prepare you/your child for the massive shift currently undergoing development in the workforce: programming. With me, you can learn Frontend, Backend, Mobile Development /w Electron, Basic Python, Game Development, etc. Take advantage of this programming takeover of the workforce and jump in when the market's still young.


Reno, Nevada, United States






Middle School
High School


Davidson Academy Online, Reno

2020 - 2022
An online school for the prodigiously gifted, based in Reno Nevada.

Ad Astra/Astra Nova

2018 - 2020
Commonly known, but somewhat misrepresented, as the "Elon Musk School." It is a private school that (when I was around) had ~40-50 students.


JavaScript god

JavaScript god, tell me something different.
By: Han

Great first session!

It was great working with Kenji, I can tell he's super passionate about coding and teaching. Will definitely book another session with him!
By: Carmen

Excellent instructor

He was very nice, his explanation is great because he was very clear and he answered my questions patient.
By: Natalie

Explained how to push data to dataLayer GA4 on React

Kenji helped me understand how React-framework websites differ from normal HTML websites and how to use the onClick listener. This helps me a lot in my job and I look forward to learning more from him!
By: Camron

Tutoring Review

Fantastic tutor! Helped me understand many topics I was struggling with and is very good at explaining complex things.
By: Taran