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Asif H.

CAD $25/hr

Math & Science Tutor

104 hours


Twice a week for the full one year

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52 hours


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26 hours


Twice a week for three months

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Tutor Information


I have been teaching Math & Science from grade 1 to 12 for over 20 years. If you need any tutoring help in Math & Science please contact me.


Brampton, Canada


Bengali, English, Hindi




Middle School
High School


Sheridan College

2011 - 2013
Computer Programmer, Information Technology
I am a Computer Programmer graduated from Sheridan College in 2013.


1989 - 1992
B.Sc(Hons. in Math), Math
I have graduated University in 1992. My major subject was Math.

Work Experience

City of Brampton

May 2018 - June 2019
STEM & Sport Instructor
I teach STEM(Science Technology Math & Engineering) and Sport for the City of Brampton

Crystal Star Math & Science Tutoring Inc.

May 2013 - present
Director(Teacher, Tutor)
I am the Director of the company and teach Math & Science from grade 1 to 12.


Asif is great!

I am a student and now in university working for engineering and 2 years ago I had some trouble with my math because I had a really big exam coming up. I told my mom that I should get a tutor since my dad and mom had work during the weekdays and weekends. I messaged Asif and I said I had trouble with my math, he told me no problem. We arranged the dates so he can tutor me, and I always got over 90% on my exams and tests. If you are looking for a tutor, than I would recommend this tutor.
By: Chris M.

Highly Recommend

My son had issues in math with integers and I searched up tutors online near me. After my son had been tutored online, his marks have improved a lot! I am very proud with my son and the company and really recommend this for your child if they are having problems with math and science.
By: Michael H.

Great Tutor

He's a great tutor and has helped students improved so much!
By: Vanessa X.

Found a good tutor.

I was looking for some one to do tutoring for my son and I find this one it’s work for my son he is good Teacher
By: Kavita C.