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Rakhi A.

USD $60/hr

Ten years private tuition experience. Five years classroom experience in secondary mathematics.

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I am a fully qualified secondary school teacher with over 10 years' experience in private and bespoke tuition packages. I have a visualiser and an iPad which is used to teach lessons efficiently. I am a friendly and positive tutor who believes every child has the potential to succeed in a way which is right for them.


Saint ives, United Kingdom


English, French, Spanish, Hindi




Middle School
High School


University of Warwick

2012 - 2013
Professional Certificate in Education - Secondary Mathematics, Education and Mathematics
Professional Certificate in Education. Secondary Mathematics.

University of York

2007 - 2010
BSc Economics and Finance, Economics
Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Structure and Regulation of Financial Markets, Financial Economics, Mathematics, Historical Perspectives on Economics


A class act

Miss Arora's work can be only be described as alchemy! She has been teaching my son for a short period of time and his grades have shot up. She is friendly and very professional and takes personal responsibility to make sure he improves and gets the most out of his lessons. She puts a learning plan into place and using her experience and fantastic teaching ability has put him on the path to success. He is more confident and happier than ever and my only regret is that we didn't find Miss Arora earlier. At the end of every lesson, the work done and progress is clearly explained. She goes above the call of duty with support and it's really appreciated. In summary Miss Arora is a wonderful teacher who puts a superhuman effort to get the best out my son and We are lucky to have you teaching him. Thank you Rakhi for your help.
By: Nazam

An outstanding teacher and extremely knowledgeable

Rakhi is an impeccable teacher ; with an inexhaustible supply of knowledge . She really understands the needs of being a student and is very sympathetic. She always makes sure you understand the topic before she moves on. Rakhi has made learning enjoyable for everyone regardless of the subject. She grows seeds of knowledge in children that last for ever. Whenever my child is doing Rakhi’s homework he does not need to think twice about what he is doing. Her talent is beyond professionalism it is surreal. My child is in year 6 and in school he wasn’t challenged enough and he was talented academically from the start ,but with Rakhi he can write beyond our abilities and he can solve almost any maths problems. She is really the best teacher. She has carved our child into a diamond.
By: Ankita

A really professional and knowledgeable tutor

Rakhi is a fabulous tutor who has been wonderful with our children. She is patient, friendly, firm but fair. We have been delighted with her extensive tuition capabilities and ways to interact with our children. Rakhi has made boring topics seem enjoyable and fun for all of our children. She has tailored lessons to the children’s interests so that the learning has been memorable. We are so happy to have Rakhi as our tutor and would highly recommend her. Rakhi is a diamond. Her professionalism among our busy lifestyles has really stood out as a hallmark of her character. She is worth every penny.
By: Vic

by far the best and my favourite teacher I’ve EVER had

Miss Arora is an amazing maths teacher on every level. She taught me for my final year GCSE maths. I went from failing in every Maths mock exam to finally obtaining a grade 5 in my real GCSE. She did one on one tutoring to a high standard which meant that I was given the confidence, self belief and knowledge that allowed me to pass. She motivated me to answer questions and she has a relentlessly positive attitude which makes you want to do what she asks. Miss Arora has taught me revision tips and techniques that I had never been shown before. She actually made maths an interesting subject. Most importantly she invested a lot of time into figuring out which is the best way for ME to learn which really made the difference. The results speak for themselves if you’re willing to work hard too.
By: Joe

The best and most relatable tutor ever

Rakhi taught me both English and Maths between Year 9 and Year 11. She broke down concepts into ways I could understand, helped me with exam questions and motivated me when I wanted to give up. School wasn’t able to help me with the harder maths topics. I would keep forgetting the ways to do the harder maths questions but Rakhi helped me to apply the topics to exam questions. She helped me to remember rules and her methods of teaching were memorable. For English, she helped with difficult poems, comprehension, how to write articles, speeches, letters and stories. I have had tutors before but Rakhi was definitely the best.
By: Oliver