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Experienced Chemistry Tutor for University and High School

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Hello, my name is Brooke! I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Guelph. I am a recipient of the 2020 Canada Student Merit Award for achieving the highest average in my graduating class. Since then, I have used my passion for chemistry to tutor both high school and university chemistry courses. I have experience tutoring SCH3U, SCH4U, CHEM1040, General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry, and Analytical Chemistry at various Universities. I am a patient and flexible tutor who adapts lesson plans and examples to specific student needs. From stoichiometry to organic chemistry and everything in between, I look forward to supporting your academic journey and helping you understand all things chemistry. I am available to help students with weekly lesson reviews and homework questions, test and exam practice, and I can deliver lessons and examples on difficult concepts. I offer online tutoring with availability on weekday evenings after 6 pm and limited weekend availability. Please contact me for more information and booking.


Toronto, Canada






High School


University of Guelph

2015 - 2019
Honours Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
During my degree program, I excelled in various branches of chemistry, including general chemistry, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and physical chemistry. This experience gave me firsthand knowledge about the topics that students struggle with the most, and has enhanced my ability to provide effective tutoring.

Work Experience

Beyond the Classroom

October 2022 - present
Chemistry Tutor
As a Chemistry Tutor at Beyond the Classroom, I assist Grade 11 and 12 students in their chemistry studies by providing homework support, conducting lessons, and assisting in test and exam preparation.


Amazing and Extremely Helpful!

Brooke helped me a lot with certain topics in Chemistry where I needed to improve and helped me prepare for my final exam! Her explanations were very detailed and she was very patient! I enjoyed the background information she would give on the certain topic before diving in on how to solve the problems! She's amazing!
By: Sarah

Very good tutor

Brooke has helped me understand many chemistry concepts including stoichiometry, organic chemistry, equilibrium and acid base reactions. She is very thorough and patient, I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking for help in chemistry!
By: Elise

Fantastic Tutor

Brooke tutored me in analytical chemistry and did an amazing job. She was very knowledgeable on the subject while also great at explaining topics even to a slow learner like myself. She's easy to understand and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.
By: Alex

Very thorough and helpful!

I was struggling a lot with stoichiometry for CHM 1311 (gen chem) and I feel like after I had a session with her, I was able to regurgitate everything I learned in high school and understand it much better overall. I really like her step-by-step approach, extra review questions and her tips and tricks on how to succeed! Overall, a really good experience and I would definitely recommend!
By: Nayomi

Patient, great attention to planning/details, and easy to understand

Prior to undertaking sessions with Brooke, I had been struggling quite a bit with my general chemistry II course (having failed it several times in the past, despite my best efforts). She helped me gain a much better understanding of the material by not only breaking things down in the most simple way possible, but also coming prepared to each of our sessions with loads of questions and concepts related to whatever chapter I happened to be covering at that moment for us to review and go over one at a time (including mock exams before midterms and finals). I would highly recommend anyone who happens to find themselves in the same situation I was in (or just in need of a bit of extra help/clarification on certain topics) to give her a chance (you will not be disappointed)!
By: Noah