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Juniper B.

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Math and Physics Tutor, MSc. Physics Candidate, BSc. Hon. Astrophysics

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Hi there! I am a physics masters candidate at York university studying nano-satellite engineering. I finished my honors bachelors of astrophysics at McMaster university in April of 2023. I love physics and math, and I strongly believe having a teacher who loves what they do is extremely influential on a student's success. I am a member of the physics instructor's journal group and was an executive of the undergraduate physics society at McMaster. My tutoring practice is queer, trans, and disability inclusive. Unlike many other tutors who have been successful through all of high school, I struggled with my early academic career. During the end of my second year of university, I had the opportunity to get help from an extremely passionate teaching assistant, who changed my view on math from a "challenging, boring" subject to something which I have become deeply interested in. With my newfound love for the material, I worked my way up to finishing my 4th year with a 3.92/4.0 GPA. This makes me uniquely qualified to be a tutor - I am familiar with the feeling of being lost when it comes to math and physics, and I know what it takes to turn that around. I hope to be the inspiration for you to not only excel at math and physics, but to enjoy it as well. I have been told by former students that I am very good at breaking down complicated subjects using analogies and deconstructions, and then building back up to the more difficult material. I have developed techniques to ensure that I avoid the small errors that many physics students are prone to, tricks to easily verify your answers, and methods to quickly trace where any errors come from if your answer doesn't check out. My life's goal is to teach physics and astronomy. I am seeking further education to someday become a professor in the field, so I can continue to teach and share the beautiful world of math and physics, and so that I can conduct my own research.


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2018 - 2023
BSc. Hon. Astrophysics, Astrophysics
Physics degree with specialization in astronomy. I use algebra, derivative and integral calculus, and differential equations daily; and I have developed techniques to solve math and physics problems while avoiding the small and easy-to-make mistakes most students lose marks on. My 4th year GPA was 3.92/4.0.

Work Experience

McMaster University

September 2022 - present
Astronomy Teaching Assistant
Leading tutorials and teaching concepts in physics to classes of about 30 students. Creating interesting discussion questions and guiding a deeper exploration into topics of astronomy.

Hamilton Conservation Authority

April 2022 - August 2022
Lifeguard Team Leader
Teaching lifeguards the required skills to safely operate a water park. Creating exercises, marking worksheets, and providing constructive feedback to 60 guards in training.

McMaster University

January 2021 - April 2021
Physics Teaching Assistant (Labs)
Running electricity and magnetism labs, teaching students the basics of electrostatics, and marking assignments.


September 2018 - April 2019
Violin Teacher
Designing curriculum and practice exercises for my students, assigning homework, and teaching both technical skill and basic music theory to beginners.


friendly and knowledgeable

JB took the time to help me review material for test prep, showing broad experience in teaching math. Thank you.
By: Colin

Very helpful

Adam did a great job of working me through the basics of what I'm trying to learn step by step. He is very patient and understanding
By: Caitlin

Excellent teaching!

Adam explains concepts exceptionally well and is very patient. I am much more confident in my physics course, and my grades have drastically improved! Highly recommend!
By: Sophia