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Isabel D.

USD $20/hr

Fun, Friendly and Interactive Lessons | Business or Everyday English Language Learning

10 hours

IELTS exam preparation

Cambridge IELTS, Develop language level. Conversational skills. Reading strategy. Academic writing. Added resources.

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10 hours

ESL for all ages

Listen, speak, read, and write English with fun activity exercises - also comics and stories, quizzes, games, videos, and more.

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10 hours

TOEFL iBT preparation

TOEFL iBT Test. Speak, listen, read and write in English. Added resources - the essay formula, and sentence-builder template.

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10 hours

English for business

Articulate and influence in English at business meetings, and event networking. Be eloquent in office dialogue, and written communications.

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Tutor Information


Hello. My name is Isabel. I am an online teacher waiting to help you. I adapt and personalise my teaching methods and materials to suit your learning style and level. I use free conversation to help you with pronunciation (learn about phonetics sounds), reading and writing, news articles, video trailers, comic strips, games and more... Come learn English with me. ---I am TEFL certified. This means that I am trained to teach English as a foreign/second language to students just like you. ** Do you need help with your English vocabulary and grammar points? ** Do you need to improve on your English reading and speaking skills by practising through real-life news articles, and interactive conversations so you become more fluent with English? I would like to help you. ---CTBE - I have a finance and marketing background. If you are interested in learning English for Business, lessons will be personally adjusted to fit your interests. I would like to work with you. ** General business communication with role-playing activities, for example, meet and greet, phone calls, appointments, day-to-day office communication, negotiations, presentations, etc. ** More advanced business-specific case study lessons, directing you towards the use of marketing and management English language. I hope we both have an opportunity to meet and enjoy some lessons together. I want to help you achieve your goals, that is, of reaching a higher level in English. Let's chat today.


Chislehurst, England, United Kingdom


English, Portuguese, Greek, Modern, Afrikaans




Middle School
High School


ITTT International TEFL & TESOL training

2018 - 2018
TEFL, 120-hour TEFL
Practical emphasis on teaching skills, language awareness, phonology and classroom management.

ITTT International TEFL and TESOL Training

2018 - 2018
CTBE, Business English
Emphasis on adapting TEFL teaching skills to English language for business, make use of the industry's standard terminology, develop a course syllabus based on the specific needs.

Allenby (now Damelin) Paris ABC School of Arts

1989 - 1991
Associate of Arts, Humanitarian & Arts
Diploma in 'Humanitarian Arts' with distinction. For teaching and freelance work.


extremely good English tutor

Isabel is very good tutor to teach my son’s Lucas. He love Isabel’ s lesson very much
By: Lucas

My experience

Really enjoy her way of teaching. Very easy to follow through, and very thorough in her work. I've learned a lot from her.
By: Evi

Amazing Experience Overall

Isabel is an experienced tutor. She is active and patient. Great communication and a pleasure to work with! Looking forward to our next sessions.
By: Jinyi

Awesome tutor!

I can see an improvement on my speaking skills just after 2 weeks of sessions together. Isabel gave me a lot of key material to help me prepare for the TOEFL test such as graphic organizers, sentence building templates, and e-book resources. She provided a lot of material to help me understand the reading passages we went over together. Overall, Isabel is a great teacher and provided a lot of help for my TOEFL preparation.
By: Demi

200% recommendation!!!

The lessons are very personalized, tailored to my skills, needs and plans. After the first session, I noticed an improvement in my skills (gaining self-confidence, organizing my existing skills). The classes are well prepared (idea, materials, etc.). Session time passes unnoticed. I have already recommended Isabel to other members of my family. Iwona
By: Iwona