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Julissa F.

USD $50/hr

I work with children, teenagers, young adults, adults, elders and people with learning disabilities. I am Associate in Arts and Sciences- Psychology. I apply excellent Constructivist teaching methods.

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I enjoy when I see my students making progress. When that happens I usually see this particular expression on their faces that says: "I am conquering the world!" They usually tell me "NOW IT MAKES SENSE". I feel very good when they are able to solve problems they thought they will never do! All my students are unique! I have a lot of experience teaching people with learning disabilities. By doing this, I was able to find different ways to explain difficult subjects in a very understandable way. I always have successful results. I love when my students succeed.


Parkville, Maryland, United States


Spanish, English




Middle School
High School


Towson University

2017 - 2019
Bachelor, Psychology

Rutgers University

2010 - 2011
Undergraduate student

Union County College

2005 - 2009
Associate in Arts and Sciences, Psychology

San Agustin National University

1998 - 2000
Undergraduate student

Work Experience

Tutoring Company

January 2015 - present
Freelance Tutor
 Teach Spanish, English and math; and prepare students for SAT.  Tutor people with learning disabilities, children, college students and adults in their homes, libraries and/or online.

Tutoring Company

January 2014 - present
Freelance Tutor
 Teach Spanish, English and math; and prepare students for SAT.  Tutor people with learning disabilities, children, college students and adults in their homes, libraries and/or online.

Union County College

January 2005 - December 2009
Student Tutor
 Teach college students calculus, math, Microsoft office and Spanish.  Lead study group meetings and provide volunteer time to help students in times of exams.


Best tutor on the plant

when I started math with her. I touched math after 15 years, and forgot everything but she prepared me very well for the placement test. i took my college placement test and got placed on college - level math. she explained me everything in detailes. she is gonna encourage you that you can do it. In my all math classes, I got an A because she prepared me very well for college algebra, pre- calc ,and calc . Now she is helping me with my PCAT math portion. she is that kind a person that will make you from 0 to hero .
By: Saira

Amazing tutor!

I have been working with Julissa Fernandez for over a year and enjoy my tutoring sessions greatly. She is a patient, knowledgeable tutor and has helped my understanding of the Spanish language.
By: Susan

Julissa is a 10 Star instructor

I started with a Spanish program app BUT I hit a learning roadblock. Then I saw Julissa’s profile. “Gringo Spanish” with a horrible accent was not my goal. Growing up in California next to El Serino where so many of my friends were Mexican, I knew how the Spanish accent sounded. Julissa really makes me toe the line on pronunciation. Also, Julissa “gets” the way I learn. I am not linear. I learn in globs and chunks, flipping ahead in my study books and learning several things at once. She has adapted my study to an area where I excel; writing. And just learning words off a sheet of paper is never as effective as using them in a sentence or throughout a story. I will never go backwards, because I feel like I’m over the hump and through the wall that blocked me originally. After a month’s vacation, I cannot wait to restart with Julissa next week. When you cannot wait to return to school is when you truly know you are hooked by a quality instructor.
By: Robin

Thoughtful, skilled, adaptable

I'm an atypical student -- in my 70s, seeking to gradually improve vocabulary and conversational skills. I've been more than impressed with Julissa's ability to understand my needs and adapt her teaching style to them. I've been working with Julissa for a couple of years now, and looking back I'm surprised and very pleased with the progress I've made -- a real tribute to Julissa's teaching abilities. Highly recommended!
By: F Kim

La mejor profesora de español del mundo

I really like Julissa's style and approach to teaching. She is a professional educator - passionate, explains things clearly, and is supportive and encouraging. I feel wholly engaged in the process, which has motivated me to push myself to learn. She also keeps it fun, including cultural and social discussions. Siempre voy a guardar el Ekeko que ella me regaló de Peru. Gracias, Julissa!
By: Brian