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Shereen M.

USD $25/hr

Empowering in facilitation and bursary support in business, finance, economics and marketing

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I have expertise in facilitating various processes and providing bursary support. My role involves helping individuals and organizations navigate and optimize their operations in these areas. I am skilful in guiding discussions, meetings and workshop to ensure effective collaboration and problem solving. I have developed skills in fostering communication and encouraging participation. I offer bursary support which involves assisting individuals access financial support and organization to manage its financial resources for educational purposes. Overall, my role encompasses of leveraging my expertise in facilitation and bursary support to assist individuals and organization in achieving their goals and maximize their success in the world of business, economics marketing and finance. In conclusion my expertise also lies in providing assistance and support in and educational setting.


Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa






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Tshwane University of Technology

2016 - 2019
Management, Management Sciences
The management course equips one with an efficient foundation in economics, business finance, administration distributions channels and people management. It prepared me to handle complexities of the business world, make informed decision and effectively lead teams to achieve the desired organizational outcomes.