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Mohamed I.

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USMLE Tutor / COMLEX Tutor

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Unlock Your USMLE Dreams: Personalized Tutoring for Success Struggling with USMLE, COMLEX, CBSE/COMP, or American board exams? Don't go it alone! With over 4 years of experience, I offer powerful, personalized tutoring that helps students from diverse backgrounds like you achieve outstanding results. I'm affiliated with the renowned Mehlman Medical Company and specialize in crafting comprehensive study plans that address every aspect of your exam journey. Forget fragmented learning - I'll guide you in building rock-solid medical knowledge, mastering smart test-taking strategies, and conquering both the mental and physical hurdles you face. My proven approach has empowered students from America, the Middle East, and various international backgrounds to overcome past failures, significantly improve their knowledge application, and boost their scores by 20-40 points in minimal time. See how I helped [mention specific success story or testimonial]. Stop feeling overwhelmed and start achieving your medical goals. Schedule a free consultation today and discover how my personalized tutoring can unlock your full potential!


Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt


Arabic, English






ZAGAZIG UNIVERSITY - Faculty of Medicine

2010 - 2016
MD, Medicine and Surgery

Work Experience

Mehlman Medical Company

August 2023 - present
USMLE Tutor / COMLEX Tutor
As a professional tutor, I offer premium 1-on-1 tutoring for USMLE, CBSE/COMP, COMLEX, Shelf Exams, Clinical Rotations, and Medical Coursework. I help medical students excel their exams and navigate their medical journey.


January 2019 - present
Medical Science Tutor
I help medical students get through the hardships of medical school through 1-on-1 and small group tutoring services. I teach Shelf exams, medical school coursework, and medical sciences.


Immunology BCR and TCR Overview

I found this session very helpful. I understand more and with some more studying, I feel confident about my upcoming test. I would recommend Dr. Mohamed because he is very knowledgeable, engaging, and patient.
By: Zahnee