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Dive into English with Majede, a certified TEFL teacher, where learning takes a playful twist!

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Hey, I'm Majede! I totally get it – learning English can sometimes feel a bit like a chore or boring task. It might not seem like the most exciting or productive way to spend your time and effort. But guess what? Having the right person to help you out can actually make a world of difference. It's like having a super friendly companion who can completely change how you feel about English.I've been teaching English for over 7 years now, and I've also been diving into the world of cognitive science. This fancy term basically helps us understand how our minds work, which is pretty cool when it comes to getting better at human-being interactions. Remember that Chandler quote? "Could it BE any MORE fun? ;)" So, why not give it a shot? Let's make learning English a blast together!


Dushanbe, Tajikistan


English, Persian, French




I want to learn a new hobby


Tajik National University

2010 - 2014
Bs, English


Highly Recommended!

I have been learning English with Majede for a couple of years. Every class is well prepared, delving into a variety of topics. Majede is not just an excellent teacher, she is a fascinating and open-minded person. Her approach to teaching is both professional and personalized, making each class feel both educational and enjoyable. I truly recommend Majede as an outstanding English tutor!
By: Yukiko

The one and only!

Ha ha! Here comes the best part. You can count on her intelligence and charisma to get going. She carefully evaluates every lesson and your weaknesses and try to make you the best version of yourself in English. Just try. You will see:)
By: Mark

Comprehensive Lessons whithout being boring!

I have had classes with her for couple of months and I keep having more and more! She is Energetic and very bright. She adjusts herself to student's needs and making it productive and fun lessons. Her accent is beautiful and the contents of the lessons are to the point and very practical.
By: Ala

Truely amazing!

Majede is truly an amazing communicator. She can transfer the lesson in a very fun and understandable way! She is an expert in what she does. You will never regret having classes with her."
By: Ahmadreza