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Joshua P.

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Experienced K-8 Tutor Specializing in English and Reading

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I hold my Bachelor of Arts in International Studies after learning about different cultures, religions, and people groups during my time at Cedarville University. That was the beginning of opening my eyes to how vast our world is, and gaining an excitement for understanding all of the diverse ideas and traditions that exist. This excitement for learning is something I still hold on to, and look to share with each student I meet. Since graduating in 2015, I have discovered a passion for teaching, specializing in English and Reading. This passion started during my five years of working with an afterschool program for elementary age students in my community, where I learned the value of truly listening to each student. My desire to meet students at their level and help them excel has only grown bigger, as I have spent the past four years tutoring students around the world in English and Reading through different online platforms. These experiences have molded my teaching philosophy: recognizing the individuality of each student. I look to weave their hobbies and interests into the subject material, helping to build a personal connection to the material. This approach not only creates enthusiasm but also instills a sense of value in them. Throughout each tutoring lesson, I vocally encourage each student's strengths, while internally taking note of areas where they can be challenged to grow in the future. My goal is to support each student in the way that works best for them. I am happy to collaborate with the adults in their lives, so that each student can receive the support they need, and continue forward in their educational journey. Please reach out with any questions, or let me know if you're interested in scheduling a tutoring lesson.


Elephant butte, United States






Middle School


Cedarville University

2009 - 2015
Bachelor of Arts, International Studies
My education opened my eyes to the diversity of the world, as I learned about different religions, cultures, and people groups.

Work Experience

Varsity Tutors

February 2022 - present
Online Tutor
I create personalized lessons for each K-8 student I tutor in English and Reading by finding areas for them to improve, then looking for ways to incorporate their interests to help keep them engaged throughout each lesson.


September 2019 - October 2021
Online Tutor
I tutored hundreds of elementary and middle school students in China as they learned and practiced their English speaking. I helped students as young as 5 as they learned about the sounds each letter can make. I also worked with students up to 14 while they read passages and thought critically to make real world connections.

Denver Red Shield Community Center

May 2014 - May 2019
Afterschool Aide
I worked with the afterschool program during the school year, and worked with the summer day camp for elementary school students. I created activities to help the students learn about a variety of topics, from art to sports. I also helped them with homework, and supported them as they worked to improve their reading skills.