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My excellent academic career has nurtured in me a natural talent for teaching. My experiences have taught me how to tackle one problem at a time, and I believe that using this approach—paired with my unconventional examples that force students to think outside the box—I can truly provide an excellent understanding and explanation. Experience: I have been tutoring since 2012 to fund my education expenses. I formally began tutoring in 2014 as part of my vocational training as a teacher in Ghana, funded by the University of Edinburgh. The formal training has taught me a lot about curriculum development, time management, and fusing my teaching methodology to my students’ needs. I have been tutoring in Physics, Chemistry, and Math, in person and online in 8 different countries. I have successful students from these past seven years that have not only commended my work ethic but can also stand testament to my enthusiasm. Methodology: My teaching methodology is based on two main things: skill development and adaptation. Initially, I adapt lectures to the specific needs of the student based on their knowledge and grasp of the concepts. Second, I like to develop analytical and scientific ability along with knowledge in my students, and for that, I use a combination of resources in the form of worksheets, class tasks, and past papers. Last, I believe in the strong ethic of providing feedback to the parents so they know their child’s progress.


Greater london, United Kingdom


English, Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, French




Middle School
High School


The University of Edinburgh

2013 - 2018
BSc Chemical Engineering with Management, Chemical Engineering with Management

Westminister School and College

2009 - 2011
A,levels, Science

Burn Hall School & College

2005 - 2009
O,levels, Science

Work Experience

Private Tutor

January 2013 - present
Private Tutor
Working as a private tutor from last 10 years


Great tutor

Patient, kind, and efficient in tutoring. Assists in helping you solve and understand problems by providing clear explanations and step by step instructions.
By: Diana

UK Medical Entrance Exam

Intasar is very helpful, accomodating and is helping me to understand some complicated chemistry and physics problems to prepare me for my medical entrance exam. He is very communicative and well prepared for lessons. Thank you Intasar!
By: Erin Salisbury

Maths IB exams

I especially thank Intisar who helped my son in his maths IB exams and give him back the confidence he requires at the last minute. I highly recommend Intisar.
By: Shahzed Qadir

Well-adapted teaching strategy

Intasar is a super competent and very serious teacher of at very good level.He is patient and very nice to students. We are very happy with the lessons he gives to our daughter (6th grader) who quickly made great progress in mathematics. This progress is explained on the one hand by well-chosen, explained and sustained exercises, and on the other hand by a very well-adapted teaching strategy. We thank Intasar very warmly!
By: Mirza Akhtar

Competent Teacher

Very motivational and supportive teacher. He always goes the extra mile to ensure I comprehend the most difficult questions. I've had a few tutors in the past but Intasar is by far the most competent tutor that knows how to make each session engaging and interesting. Thank you Intasar for helping me achieve an A in my AS Chemistry exam.
By: Sophie Bruce