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Hannah S.

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I am a passionate logophile, who loves nothing better than to discuss and teach grammar and literature with people. Learning parts of speech, sentence structure, and composition techniques doesn't have to be a stressful undertaking! I can remove the panic and frustration from your battle with words and turn your studies into an interesting, if not fascinating journey of discovering the power of writing. When I'm not scribbling down story ideas or reading countless books, I enjoy playing mandolin or hanging out with my Muscovy ducks. I enjoy teaching grammar, English, ESL, literature, as well as other related subjects for grades K-12. Please note! I will not accept requests for assignment help where a student asks me to write his or her entire essay, response to literature, or any other written work. I will write alongside or do revision/ final draft work on students' projects. However, to give a pupil a finished product that came 100% from my pen only is professionally and ethically wrong in my viewpoint. I am a teacher and peer reviewer, not a writer for hire or an accomplice to plagiarism. Thanks!


Charlottetown, Canada


English, Canadian Sign Language, Chinese




Middle School
High School


Homeschool, K-12

2005 - 2019

Work Experience

Private Company

March 2020 - present
Mandolin and Violin Lessons
I teach mandolin and violin to students of all ages


Hannah is excellent

I recommend everyone to book with Hannah S, because she is great. Also, you will a lot from her. I am very proud of her.
By: Koko

Great Tutor!

Ms. Hannah is a very experienced teacher. She patiently answered any questions I had about reading and gives detailed feedback on speaking questions. From each session, I can learn something important that would help me achieve a good score in the TOEFL reading tests. I already recommended her to two of my friends.
By: Demi

Very Nice and expericely

My son likes her so much and loves to join her English class and learns much useful knowledge
By: Cloud

Highly recommended!

Hannah is really nice and professional. We had a good experience having her class
By: Rachel

Great teacher

Classes with Hannah have been fun. her way of teaching and making difficult things easier so that kid can understand and remember everything. I recommend her to everyone.
By: Rrichard