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Arveen A.

CAD $22/hr

Mathematics Tutor

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I have an effective experience of tutoring children for 5 years. Tutored in one on one sessions and small group to students of grade 1 to high school. Taught mathematics to high school students and science and mathematics to students from grade 1 to 10.


Winnipeg, Canada


English, Punjabi, Hindi




Middle School
High School
I want to learn a new hobby


Assiniboine Community College

2019 - 2020
Associate Degree, Geographic Information Sysytem

Panjab University

2017 - 2019
Bachelor of Education, Mathematics and Science

Panjab University

2014 - 2017
Bachelor of Science, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Work Experience

Heavenly Care Agency

January 2023 - present
Operations Manager
1. Conducting companies legal and multiple project meetings. Play key role in making and releasing decisions regarding new implementations to the employees and clients. 2. Revise Companies monthly revenue and expenses with the accounting manager. 3. Use Microsoft365 to create and share reports, schedules, care plans and more. 4. Manage various HR tasks for a health care agency, overseeing a team of more than 65 employees and ensure that everything runs smoothly. 5. Ensured that the needs of both clients and employees were being met and any concerns if any were addressed promptly by keeping lines of communication open.

Intouch CX

October 2021 - August 2022
Resolution Specialist
1. Actively collaborated with prestigious companies like Sephora and Airbnb for the company, gaining invaluable industry insights and expertise. 2. Managed a substantial volume of client calls, often exceeding a hundred daily interactions, providing prompt issue resolution and exceptional service. 3. Supervised, replacements, refunds and cancellations, maintaining a 95% customer satisfaction rate while handling over 200+ cases and documenting all cases in company database. 4. Supervised clients with creating new accounts and old account using company database. 5. Diligently provided exceptional customer service, fostering strong client relationships and maintaining an impressive 90% customer retention rate over time.

VistaTech immigration Solution

April 2021 - September 2022
Administrative Representative
1. Meticulously managed over 50 client calls daily, ensuring clear communication channels, and efficiently scheduled numerous meetings to facilitate productive interactions. 2. Coordinated interviews for more than 30 potential clients, streamlining the prospecting process and contributing to our client acquisition efforts. 3. Expertly handled the completion and submission of 100+client applications for PR, PNP, Work Permits, and more, ensuring accuracy and compliance. 4. Proactively initiated and scheduled meetings with universities and college administrations, securing over 20 successful private agency contracts, expanding our agency's reach and influence.

Pizza Hut

April 2020 - October 2021
1. Diligently managed inventory levels and consistently placed orders with trusted suppliers, ensuring a well-maintained and efficient stock flow. 2. Upheld strict adherence to health and safety regulations, making certain that the restruant maintained a secure and compliant environment at all times, prioritizing the well-being of both customer and staff. 3. Demonstrated proficiency in scheduling staff shifts, strategically optimizing workforce allocation to meet operational needs while overseeing a dedicated team of 20+ members. 4. Efficiently managed a significant number of more than 100 cases involving refunds, replacements and cancellations with precision, effectively preserving customer satisfaction and enhancing operational efficiency.

Broadway Public School

July 2017 - May 2019
Mathematics Teacher
1. Taught basic concepts of Mathematics to Grade 5, 8, 9 and 10 students in school. 2. Used to give exercises to solve from home regarding different mathematics concepts. 3. Prepared students for inter school mathematics and science quiz competitions.


July 2014 - May 2017
Home Tutor
1. Tutored high school students in small groups of 5 people. 2. Helped them finish complete syllabus of mathematics and physics. 3. Helped students to finish assignments and homework. 4. Teach students to prepare for their exams and tests.