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Practical and Effective Math/Physics Tutoring, University/College/High School Level

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I have a PhD in Physics/Math and have worked in education for over 25 years in various roles and levels, including as a teacher, lecturer, and university professor. My strength is the ability to deconstruct complex challenges into a few basic stages. I enjoy teaching, youngsters. When necessary, I employ cutting-edge technologies. High School Courses---> The followings are the tutoring high school physics and math courses in Canadian/American Curriculum: -->Functions -->Advanced Functions -->Calculus & Vectors -->Data Management -->Physics 11 -->Physics 12 -->Algebra 1 -->Algebra 2 -->Trigonometry -->Pre-Calculus -->Statistics -->Probability University Courses--->Almost all universities worldwide have the following courses in math and physics for students in many different programs. -->Calculus I -->Calculus II -->Differential Equations -->Linear Algebra -->Mechanics -->Electricity & Magnetism -->Waves -->Modern Physics In case you live in other countries, you course might have a different name or code. However, the syllabus and course outlines is not that different. Since the topics are more or less the same, I am able to comply with your University’s course outline. AP Courses--->I teach the following Advanced Placement (AP) courses. -->Calculus AB -->Calculus BC -->Physics 1 -->Physics 2 -->Electricity and Magnetism -->Mechanics You do not need to sign up for full course. you may choose a topic or topics that you need help with and schedule for it. MCAT Physics--->Students who want to apply to a medical school in need to have a good result in MCAT test. One part of the test include Physics. Knowledge and experience are not the only things that make you successful in MCAT. There are few techniques and skills which is necessary in preparing for MCAT test.


West End, British Columbia, Canada


Farsi (Persian), English




High School



1996 - 2000

Work Experience

Western university

July 2009 - July 2011
Post Doctorate


Good and helpful experience

Explains the concepts well and thoroughly. Goes at the pace you decide and will go over a topic in different ways until you understand it. Uses real-life examples to help highlight how the concepts work. Asks questions throughout to make sure you are following.
By: Shira

Very helpful experience.

I was struggling a lot with understanding the concepts for electricity and magnetism. Amir really helped by first explaining the concepts and then walking me through practice questions to further develop my understanding.
By: Emalee

Great session!

Great patience, staying around and asking questions to make sure the student is following. Good prep, looking forward to more sessions
By: Angela

NIce Tutor

Gives full in-depth explanation of topics from the basics, explains things very well, and high lights topics of importance
By: Ibad

One of the best tutors

I have never had any professor or tutor who went so in depth with the material before. I enjoy Amir's style of tutoring. Amir is easy to get along with while making connections to the course content to many real life applications.
By: Connie