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USD $29/hr

9 years of tutoring

French, English, Arabic, Spanish

Los angeles, United States

Aziz T.

UC Berkeley

Quadrilingual Math TUTOR with two Masters available

Are you looking for an expert tutor with 9+ years of experience? Someone who doesn't just teach the subject, but also the psychology of elite test-takers? Someone who doesn't just teach for one test, but also the process that allows for repeatable & continued success? My name is Aziz and I have been a tutor for over 9 years. I graduated with two Masters from UC Berkeley several years ago. I consider myself very well rounded academically and I have experience in many subjects and excel in all, including sciences and languages. My exceptional academic background - graduated with a cumulative GPA of 4.0 - coupled with my quadrilingual ability ensures you will be fully satisfied!

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Subjects: ACT Math, AP Calculus AB/BC, Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Calculus, GMAT, GRE, Geometry, Math, PSAT, Pre-Calculus, SAT, SSAT, Trigonometry

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USD $50/hr

17 years of tutoring

English, Chinese

Beverly hills, United States


Capital Medical University, Beijing China

Neurosurgeon / USMLE Educator

As a Director/CEO of my own private tutoring company ( Dr.Kevin USMLE : ) ; my duty is to arrange all necessary high yield materials and structure the curriculum strategically to help students 👩‍🎓 and Doctors 👩‍⚕️ ACE the United States 🇺🇸 Medical Licensing Examination. My team and I monthly review our teaching materials and update or structures to fit into the current trends in accordance with our test takers experiences and passing scores . I tutor myself and whenever occupied can assign students 👨‍🎓 to several highly professional Tutors 👨‍🏫 across the United States 🇺🇸 working with our private company . We also counsel , mentor and guide students doctors towards a success residency program .. .. “ MY NUMBER ONE ☝️ PRIORITY AND DUTY IS TO GUARANTEE THAT ALL OUR STUDENTS ACE THE USMLE BOARDS AND GAIN MEDICAL RESIDENCY ..”Is this your first USMLE attempt ? Or have you FAILED the Step 1, 2CK or Step 3 ? .. Test Taking Strategies , Mastering the clues ️‍️ & Keywords to each Question is an essential Tool in scoring 250-270+ .. STUDY WITH OUR MENTOR & TUTOR TODAY : - LEARN SECRETS , TRICKS , STRATEGIES & All High Yield Facts ONLY.. We also prep NBME, Uworld, Amboss, USMLE First Aid, USMLE Rx and all Super High Yield Questions and Materials. REMEMBER PASS IS 100% GUARANTEED .. ..THANK YOU..

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Subjects: Biochemistry, Biostatistics I, Biostatistics II, Genetics, Health and Medicine, Immunology, Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Pathology, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Physiology, USMLE Step 1 & 2

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CAD $40/hr

22 years of tutoring

French, English

Montréal, Canada

Mohamed C.


University of Montreal, École Polytechnique de Montréal., Université de caen - France., Mission universitaire et culturelle française au Maroc., Carleton University, University of Montreal, Polytechnic school of Montreal

Experienced Math Tutor (All levels)

It is with great excitement and pleasure that I introduce myself as your math tutor. With over 21 years of math tutoring experience, I have honed my skills in helping students improve their math literacy and gain confidence in their abilities. Throughout my career, I have worked with students of all ages and levels, from elementary school to college. I have a passion for teaching and helping students overcome their fears and misconceptions about math. I believe that everyone can be successful in math, and it's just a matter of finding the right approach. My extensive math literacy has allowed me to develop unique strategies and techniques that cater to individual student's learning styles. I am skilled in breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand, step-by-step methods. This has helped me to create a conducive learning environment where my students feel comfortable to ask questions and learn at their own pace. Moreover, my 21 years of experience have enabled me to develop strong communication skills, which allow me to explain mathematical concepts in a clear and concise manner. I understand the value of patience and persistence, and I work with my students until they fully comprehend the material. I am excited to share my knowledge and expertise with you and help you achieve your math goals. I look forward to getting to know you and assisting you in your journey to math literacy.

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Subjects: Algebra, Algebraic topology, Calculus, Complex analysis, Differential geometry, Discrete Math, Geometry, Linear Algebra, Number Theory, Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations, Real Analysis, Topology, Trigonometry, Vector Calculus

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USD $10/hr

7 years of tutoring

Urdu, English, Sindhi

Ghotki, Pakistan

Faiz R.


University of The Punjab

Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator for Computer, Scratch, Java, Python, C++

I am certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. I have more than 7 years of teaching experience to teach the students from grade 1 to 12. I have experience of teaching programming language to kids using block based programming language in interesting way. I am also experienced tutor of robotics and STEM for School and college students. I can help in computer assignments, projects and programming tasks. I have strong grip on C++, Java, Python, Scratch programming. I can deliver custom lesson according to the needs of the students.

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Subjects: C++, Computer Programming in Cpp, Computer Science, Computers, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Object Oriented Programming, Operating Systems, Punjabi, Python, Robotics, STEM, Scratch Programming Language

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USD $12/hr

5 years of tutoring


Soweto, South Africa



Passionate tutor with 5 years of experience

I'm TEFL certified. This is my first teaching online job application as I have been privately tutoring and holding summer classes upon invitation, but it doesn’t mean I have no experience in teaching. Since I have always excelled in Accounting and English something many people struggle with, I was earning some extra cash giving private lessons to my classmates at the college and i was tutoring for a company called Sankofa. The most important thing I learned during this teaching experience is that individual approach is the key. And I’d love to benefit from this in my first real teaching job, ideally with your school. I cannot wait to get to know the students, and try to help them reach their full potential, and also to enjoy their time at school!

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Subjects: Accounting, Economics, English, English as a Second Language (ESL)

15min Free Session
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USD $15/hr

12 years of tutoring


Ontario, Canada

Avan E.


Ambrose Alli University, University of Ibadan, University of Benin, University of Lagos

Certified Chemistry and Biology Tutor for both ordinary and advance levels with more than 10 years experience

Hello everyone, My name is Dalton. I teach biology, chemistry and physics and this i have done for more than 10 years. Do you need help with studying for your MCAT, PCAT, IB, AQA, AP, Edexcel, Cambridge O/A Level, CK 12 or you need a quick revision and prep. to cover some gray areas? Look no further. I am an examiner with both local and international examination bodies. My teaching methods are tested and trusted with track record high scores. What you will benefit includes: 1. Tailored classes to meet your specification 2. Constant feedback and followups 3. Likely examination questions review, solutions and explanations 4. Quick response to questions anytime you encounter difficulties. Check out my review to see what students are saying about my classes. Please go ahead to book a class so we get started and i assure you that you will not regret it. I await your message. Cheers

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Subjects: A-Levels, ACT Science, Basic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Science, Chemistry, Clinical Lab Sciences, Elementary Math, General Chemistry I, High School Science, IB Sciences, IGCSE, MCAT, Math/Science

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CAD $18/hr

1 year of tutoring


Hamilton, Canada

Gianmarco C.

Mcmaster University

I am a level 2 nursing student and all the courses I tutor are required in the Nursing Program, I can support students in 1st and 2nd year life sci. I graduated summa cum laude from Mcmaster in 2020.

My name is Gianmarco, I am currently a level 2 nursing student and all the courses I tutor are required in the Nursing Program, however I can also support students in 1st and 2nd year science classes. I have also graduated summa cum laude from Mcmaster University in 2020 with a bachelors of science, majoring in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour. I completed a thesis in Dr Milliken's lab on the topic of desirable difficulty and cognitive control. In many of my psychology classes we learned the most effective ways to study and I have put them into practice and improved my own marks drastically. My primary goal is to help you develop consistent and effective study habits. My GPA is 11.1

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Subjects: Advanced Cell Biology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience, Nursing, Psychology

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USD $25/hr

4 years of tutoring

English, Arabic

Giza, Egypt

Ahmed F.


October 6 university, Zewail City of science and technology

A Medical doctor at final year of MBBS with 4 years experience teaching biology and medical Subjects

My students are my reflection so I give all myself to teaching, that's how much I'm passionate about tutoring Biology. ** to all new students first 15 mins is a free video chat to get to know each other** Hey, My name is Dr.Ahmed, medical student at my final year of medical school i have over 4 years of experience teaching biology and related subjects and preparing you for exams I will teach you: BIOLOGY, ANATOMY, PHYSIOLOGY, PHARMACOLOGY, Pathology, and ALL OTHER MEDICAL SUBJECTS. I have experience of more than 4 years of tutoring basic sciences and medicine subjects. MY Tutoring Skills INCLUDE TEACHING: BIOLOGY SCIENCE ANATOMY PHARMACOLOGY PHYSIOLOGY MICROBIOLOGY PATHOLOGY IMMUNOLOGY CELL GENETICS CELL BIOLOGY MOLECULAR BIOLOGY INTERNAL MEDICINE PEDIATRICS My tutoring skills include 1-1 personalized learning sessions, i won't leave you until you have great grasp of the concept RESUME:- 🔴 Medical Doctor in the final year of MBBS resident at Kasr Alainy hospitals Egypt 🏥 🔴Tutor of Biology for all grades and in both languages Native Arabic and Fluent English. 🔴Explaining biology 3rd secondary for Thanawya amma, IG, American, international 🔴Explaining the field of Medicine such as anatomy, histology, Biochemistry, and internal medicine Available 24/7 for your business inquiries

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Subjects: AP Biology, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP Chemistry, Anatomy, Arabic, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, English, MCAT, Medicine, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, SAT II Biology E/M

15min Free Session
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USD $35/hr

19 years of tutoring

English, Persian

Tehran, Iran

AliReza E.


Islamic Azad University, Qazvin Branch

C#, SQL-Server, HTML, CSS, C++, PHP, Java, Python, System Analysis, Database, Network, Cryptography, Excel, JavaScript

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering I have a PhD degree in computer engineering and have been working and teaching in the field for several years. I have professional experience in teaching various programming languages and courses such as C++, C#, Python, SQL-Server, HTML, CSS, ASP.NET, Node JS, PHP, Java, Database, Network and ... I can also teach analytic courses like system analysis, compiler, project management and... If you want to get started in learning anything regarding computer science or have a question about any topic, send me a message and we can book an intro session. I look forward to meeting you! ATTENTION: I will hold the first 30 minutes for free.

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Subjects: C#, C++, CSS, Computer Networking, Data Structures & Algorithms, Farsi, HTML, JavaScript, Microsoft Excel, MySQL, Network Engineering & Security Analyst, Object Oriented Programming, PHP, Python, SQL Server

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USD $20/hr

25 years of tutoring

English, Spanish, Korean

Oakland, United States

Patrick P.


California State University San Bernardino

Passionate ESL Teacher with 25+ Years International Experience

Hi, my name is Patrick Pittman and I have been working in the English and ESL world for over 20 years, which has been a huge influence on my life and for all of my students worldwide. I have been fortunate to teach students from age 3 to 93 focusing on a variety of areas both in the United Sates and internationally, including Mexico and Korea, where I lived and worked for 10 years. To this day I am in regular contact with all of my former students and very excited to see them go on to use and improve their English skills even more in all of their undertakings. This has been enormously motivating and helped me gain even more experience now beneficial to all of my students in rising to their expectations of more fluency, confidence and becoming worldly individuals. My lessons are student-centered, so you get as many opportunities to speak as possible. Thanks to my vast international experience I feel confident that I can connect with anyone from any place in the world without any problems and will always adapt to your pace, level and expectations. My skills and subjects include: English: Business English, Conversation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Spelling, Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking, Accent Reduction, Test Prep, Professional Development, ESL, ESOL, MLA Formatting Test Preparation: SAT, PSAT, GMAT, GRE, GED, TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC Research Papers: Editing, Proofreading, Outlining, Analyzing, Citations Computer: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, all iWork Applications

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Subjects: AP Language, Business, College Essays, EFL, English, English as a Second Language (ESL), IELTS, Professional Development, SAT Writing, TEFL, TOEFL, Test Prep, University Application Prep, Writing, elementary English

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