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USD $10/hr

English, Hindi

Bengaluru, India

Akshat V.

PES University

C/C++ | Python | Data Science | ML/DL Tutor

I am a passionate and dedicated tutor, a graduate of PES University with majoring in Electronics and Communication. My experience includes projects in Machine Learning, Data Science, Python, C/C++, and Verilog. As a tutor, I am committed to sharing my knowledge and helping students excel in these subjects.

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Subjects: Artificial Intelligence, C, C++, Machine Learning, Python

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Assignment Help
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CAD $30/hr

6 years of tutoring


Bengaluru, India

Suraj K.


Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

Dynamics and Control Research Engineer with 5+ years tutoring experience in Aerospace | Control Systems | Programming | Mathematics | Physics | Machine Learning

Welcome to your one step solution for science, engineering and mathematics. I am a graduate from Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology in multidisciplinary field of Avionics with specialization in dynamics and control system. I have been working in space industry for 5 years with my research focusing on guidance and control design for interplanetary missions to Moon and Mars. I have 5+ years of professional teaching experience in online platform like Chegg with over 100 5 star ratings in multi-disciplinary subjects on System Dynamics, Control system, C/C++ Programming, Matlab, Numerical Analysis, Differential equations, Linear algebra, Signal processing, Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Machine Learning and semester courses for undergraduate students. I also take semester courses in control system. I like to work on one-on-one interactive session with students to clear their doubts and help them in their assignments.

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Subjects: Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mathematics, C, C++, Calculus, Data Science, Electrical Engineering, Linear Algebra, MATLAB, Machine Learning, Multivariable Calculus, Numerical Analysis, Physics (Newtonian Mechanics), Python, Statistics

15min Free Session
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USD $12/hr

English, Hindi, Malayalam

Bengaluru, India

Vineeth Krishna M.


Vellore Insititute of Technology

Prioritizes the process of learning over the results

Being a student myself, I find teaching others helps strengthen my core knowledge. This in turn has given me the opportunity to see education from both sides of the lens where I better understand how to help students with what makes them understand the material to a greater degree. I have years of experience in various subjects including computer science and mathematics. From C++ and Python programming to Linear Algebra and beyond, my fundamentals in each subject is strong, allowing me to efficiently help students learn these subjects as well. By using a clear and steady method of teaching, my students are able to arrive at the solutions to their problems in a concise manner.

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Subjects: C++, Python

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“Akshay is an exceptional Pre-calculus tutor for university-level students. He has a great way of explaining complex concepts and ensures that his students understand them. He is always ready to provide additional explanations if needed. I highly recommend him and look forward to booking him again.”Sasha

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Akshay J.
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“Richard is an exceptional tutor who has the ability to explain complex concepts in a simplistic way. His step-by-step instructions help to build confidence and understand the material better. Furthermore, he provides numerous tips and resources to facilitate success.”Jessica

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“I had a session on Linear Algebra, and it was very helpful. Mirjana was excellent in explaining matrices, and I could understand the concepts quite well. I would definitely request her assistance again.”Lateefah

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Mirjana M.
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“Students struggling in math should seek help from Reza. He is patient, composed, and adept at explaining complex concepts in a clear and understandable way. He is also very generous with his time and willing to assist students on short notice.”Rajasiva

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“Sierra provided me with an exceptional tutoring session in chemistry. She was patient and made sure that I fully comprehended every concept. I am grateful for her assistance.”Erin

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Sierra P.
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“Michael did an excellent job in assisting me to comprehend various types of isomers. His tips and tricks were beneficial in resolving challenging problems.”Jada

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Michael A.
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“I have found Anisha to be an exceptionally patient tutor who provides clear explanations that have helped me to comprehend various topics. I would strongly recommend her to anyone who needs assistance.”Sam

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Michael A.
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“I received invaluable assistance from Patrick in terms of the direction for my papers. Collaborating with him was a comfortable experience, and it made the writing process much more manageable.”Stephanie

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Patrick P.
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“Elena's assistance was invaluable to me during my college essay revision session on Greek Mythology for the Humanities subject. She provided positive and helpful feedback and demonstrated expertise in several areas, which she explained very nicely.”Abigail

Best online tutor
Elena M.
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