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Yi-Cheng L.

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Experienced Online Conversational Mandarin Teacher

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I've taught Mandarin online for about 7 years. Adjusting the teaching content for different students is necessary because I believe people learn differently. That also means, if I think what and how you want to learn is not what I specialize in, I'll let you know honestly. I specialize in creating and conducting conversations which can lead to related vocabulary and grammar learning for my students. Topics vary!.I like to work and adjust according to my student's needs and desire, and of course their level, feedback, and how it goes during each lesson. I also like to "quiz" my students with oral Q&A, translating and listening practice during each lesson after the first one. ✨Currently not tutoring for school content nor exam preparation. ✨ I don't teach on this website anymore. If you're interested, please send me a message with you email address.


Tainan county, Tainan City, Taiwan


Mandarin, Chinese, English




High School
I want to learn a new hobby


National Kaohsiung First University of Science and Technology

2011 - 2013
Bachelor of Arts (two-year program), The Department of English. Electronic Commerce and Management.

Tainan University of Technology

2006 - 2011
Associate degree, Associate of Arts (five-year junior college program)

Work Experience

Online Teaching

October 2017 - present
Online Mandarin Teacher
*Consult with each student to know what they need *Customize lesson materials according students’ needs *Teach Chinese Mandarin *Edit and provide materials used in the lesson to the student after each session is done *Suggest links, resources and give learning tips

Breakfast Food Truck & Radish Cake Store

June 2017 - December 2017
Meal Maker
*Prepared ingredients before the stores opened *Cooked meals / dishes *Cleaned and helped with the closing procedure *Sold meals and introduced the food to the customers *Dealt with money

Kid Castle

February 2017 - May 2017
English Teacher
*Prepared a curriculum for each class *Taught in lessons of different levels *Regularly contacted parents to report the child’s progress *Consulted with the parents about what they could help the child’s English learning at home *Used extra hours besides class time for slow learners to catch up

Joy Enterprises Organization

May 2014 - May 2016
English Teacher
*Prepared a curriculum for each class *Taught in lessons of different levels *Taught over the telephone over the hours and tested the students on the phone *Regularly contacted parents to report the child’s progress *Consulted with the parents about what they could help the child’s English learning at home *Trained students for national English speech contest *Helped organize and execute the marketing and advertising for our cram school in our story house events *Used extra hours besides class time for slow learners to catch up


Best madarin tutor

Been learning mandarin with Yi-Cheng for about 7 months and it has been an amazing experience. Not only she is a native mandarin speaker but she also articulates well in English which helps a lot with the translation. She is always well prepared and her friendly demeanor always ensures the lessons interesting and engaging. She has her own website and youtube channel which is dedicated to helping people learn mandarin. I highly encourage everyone of all ages and all skill levels who would like to learn mandarin to try out Yi-Cheng as a tutor. Rest assured you be in good hands.
By: Samuel

Not a dull moment!

I can't believe it's been a year! It feels like just the other day she thought it was a year, but it was only a couple months :P. I take one hour weekly lessons with Yi Cheng, and it's always a blast. The hour goes by too fast. She will take notes for you during class and send you the vocab later (why is there still so much vocab after 7 years studying uuuuugghh!). In all seriousness, Yi Cheng is a great conversationalist who always comes prepared. I feel like I need two hours a week, but that would definitely be too much new vocab. Highly recommended from a (lower? :'( ) intermediate point of view. Passionate, patient, enthusiastic - not enough words. Thanks Yi Cheng! You're the best! P.S. Don't try lazy Chinglish with her; she will definitely call you out on it (=
By: Nate

Great Mandarin teacher

Yi-Cheng has been helping me learn Mandarin on a regular basis for over a year now, and my Chinese has improved significantly in that time, helping me to pass the HSK3 exam (where the instruction is all in written and spoken Chinese) and now working towards HSK4. Yi-Cheng offers a rare combination of great conversational practice, grammar deep-dives, patience, and is simply fun to talk to, which makes learning Mandarin a pleasure. Yi-Cheng also consistently provides a written transcript of the discussion in English, Pinyin and Hanzi (traditional or simplified) after the lesson, which is great for reviewing after the lessons. Looking forward to many more lessons with Yi-Cheng!
By: Brandon

Amazing, well-prepared, fun conversational chinese lesson!

I've been having lessons twice a week with Yi Cheng for about a month and already feel my chinese is greatly improving. Her friendly conversational teaching style really helps the conversation flow no matter how much I stutter and freeze up because I totally forget how to say something in Chinese. She works new vocabulary, grammar, and experiences into every day conversational chinese which makes learning fun, easy, and relevant. And provides transcripts of the conversation afterwards for easy reviewing. She is always very well prepared and can explain grammar points and vocabulary usage in detail to supplement the conversations. If you want to learn conversational Chinese I highly recommend Yi Cheng!
By: Carl