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Sourav P.

USD $30/hr

Senior Software Developer @ IBM and Coding Mentor

1 hours

Coding class

Data Structures and Algorithms classes from basic to advance level, Leetcode

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20 hours

Coding class

Java programming class, Data Structures and Algorithms classes

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30 hours

Advanced coding classes

Java programming class, Data Structures and Algorithms classes

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I am a Senior Software Developer at IBM Research Lab. I am currently working as a Full-Stack Developer. I will help you with Java | Algorithms | Data Structures | C++ | SQL | System Design |Computer Science Have been passionately solving Leetcode, HackerRank, Codechef, Codeforces problems, and enthusiastically solve problems with the analysis of space... Methodology for training process will be - First, we will conduct an introduction on complete course details and start training on basics required for a particular course We will start learning course content in an interesting way by solving real-time problems, pattern programs which will help you to build you logic For each course section we will cover plenty of programs for practice At the end we will conduct an assessment to rate your knowledge over the course We will also explore latest trending technologies in IT industry Very Very strong in Design and analysis of Algorithms with 5+ years of teaching experience Great Data Structure and Algorithm skills. Great skills in problem solving and puzzles. efficient in fluent English. A top performer in IT. Can help with my vast experience in Industry by providing real-time project experiences.


Mumbai, India






Middle School
High School


IIT Bombay

2018 - 2020
Computer Science and Engineering

Work Experience


February 2018 - present
Senior Software Engineer


The best coding mentor

Sourav stands out as an exceptional coding and programming mentor. His guidance not only assisted me in solving programming questions but also enhanced my understanding of coding problems. I wholeheartedly recommend him, achieving a 100% recommendation.
By: John


Sourav P. helped as much as he could given a short time frame and the difficulty of the problem
By: Arjun

Great Overview of DSA

Helped map out the whole curriculum and understood my requirements. Will be booking another session.

Excellent Tutor and very friendly!

Sourav is a great Tutor, his Knowledge about programming and maths are very high, he explains every single detail in a professional and Patient manner. He is strict about Timing and doesn't lie. I can say his attitude and work discipline is quite good. Besides his Approach is very friendly, especially very ideal to learn from him in Long term should be very satisfying. I've given so far private lessons on this platform and taken many lessons from at least 20 different Tutors. Sourav is easily on top Tutor I've ever met and I recommend him everyone.
By: Sage jackson

Outstanding and a great Tutor

I would definitely recommend Waqas to anybody who is struggling with Java assignments, data Structures, Javascript, python, C++, SQL. I really liked that he pays attention to every little detail. No doubt that it is very important in programming, since only one small error may not run the whole program. He explain things very well which is really helpful if you are new to Java. He also tries to meet all the requirements that you might have for him.
By: Aziz Karedia