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Samuel L.

USD $20/hr

UCSD Graduate

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Graduated from UCSD 2017 Neuroscience and Physiology major Completed Calculus Course


Temple City, California, United States


English, Cantonese




Middle School
High School


University of California San Diego

2013 - 2017
Bachelors Degree, Neuroscience and Physiology

Work Experience

Arcturus Therapeutics

August 2017 - August 2019
Research Associate I
• Manufactured mRNA by performing in-vivo transcription (IVT), purified using in-house methods, and prepared QC data for every aspect of the process. • Worked extensively with an enzyme to decrease the amount of a unique impurity created as a byproduct of IVT. This process was used to determine potential drug candidates for different programs. • Involved in the purification of 1-10 gram batches of mRNA using the AKTA pure (HPLC) and pilot protein purification system. • Worked alongside a fellow scientist in creating my team’s portion of the company’s database. This was done by mapping out my team’s entire workflow and interconnecting the system’s algorithms to suit the needs of the team. • Performed numerous analytical and QC work for the mRNA production process. QC DNA ligation integrity, mRNA purity, double strand byproduct, residual protein quantitation, and residual protein quantification. • Part of the process development team in scaling the production and purification of our mRNA drug product.

Anabios Corporation

June 2016 - March 2017
Laboratory Assistant
• Performed physiology experiments testing different pharmaceutical drugs on human donor organs and tissues to gather data on ex-vivo human responses. • Studied action potentials of human tissues, such as the left ventricle and trabeculae, and analyzed common trends and patterns that is exhibited. • Replaced blood from human donor organs with preservation solutions and performed extensive quality inspection on the status and condition of all incoming specimens. • Maintained lab cleanliness, equipment, cell cultures, and solutions.