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Reika C.

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Experienced UCLA Student Tutoring in Multiple Subjects!

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I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Political Science at UCLA and have a strong background in English, History, and Japanese. I am also proficient in K-8 math and science and have previous tutoring experience in these subjects. My experience includes both one-on-one and classroom settings, as well as volunteer experience. In English, I have a deep passion for language and literature, and I am fully proficient in both written and spoken English. I have completed two semester-long research projects that required me to analyze and synthesize complex texts and communicate my findings effectively in writing and speech. My skills in critical thinking and analysis, combined with my ability to communicate complex ideas clearly, make me an effective tutor for students of all levels. In History, I have been nominated for an award by my high school teacher for my exceptional performance and passion for the subject. I have experience creating engaging presentations on historical topics and enjoy exploring different cultures and time periods through the lens of history. As a tutor, I can help students improve their research skills, develop a deeper understanding of historical events, and prepare for exams with confidence. In Japanese, my experience attending Japanese heritage schools for 10 years, tutoring students in Japanese language during Japanese club, and being fully proficient in hiragana, katakana, and kanji has given me a deep appreciation for the intricacies of Japanese language and culture. As a tutor, I can help students master the basics of Japanese language, develop cultural competency, and gain a greater appreciation for the rich history and traditions of Japan. Overall, my combination of educational background, previous tutoring/teaching experience, and contextual details such as the ages of students and the setting of my teaching experience make me an ideal candidate for tutoring in English, History, and Japanese, as well as K-8 math and science.


Irvine, California, United States


English, Japanese




Middle School
High School


University of California, Los Angeles

2022 - 2024
Bachelor's Degree, Political Science
Honors Student at UCLA majoring in Political Science!