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Ramon C.

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Ready to get a really nice experience learning math? I have the solution!

3 hours

Learning Calculus

Have you ever learnt Calculus in an easy and soft way? Here we are going to have an excellent experience learning Calculus, recalling always the Math basis

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3 hours

Let's learn Pre-Calculus

Ready for a new challenge? Here we're going to study each basis you need to be expert in Calculus, but it is just an introduction of it.

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I'm 26, I'm a very friendly person who likes teaching everyone and help other understanding math. I'm used to use a method of solving questions and pay attetion to the theory. In this sense, we can solve 99% of questions and exercises, only get information by this method. Of course we need to study the concept, in order to understand it. In fact, We will learn when we have some maturity in some concepts. In this way, I teach every student and they like it too much. I've taught students on several platforms, and I know how to identify the student's difficulty. Of course there's no recipe to learning math, but we can use a lot of strategies, in order to be better and better. My lemma is: The more you study (in the right way), the more you'll learn. If you need help learning math. please talk to me. Wish you the best.


Cornélio procópio, Brazil


English, Portuguese




Middle School
High School
I want to learn a new hobby


Universidade Estadual Paulista (UNESP)

2016 - 2021
Licenciatura, Mathematics
It's was a really nice course, and I learned a lot of pure math concepts and it helped me understanding things to create my method.

Work Experience

Secretaria da Educação do Estado de São Paulo

February 2021 - September 2023
I taught students of 5 to 12 grade, basically building class plan and teaching


Integral calc intro

Explains theory well and is patient to help with my understanding on the basis of integral calculus
By: Ashvinni

Exceptional Calculus Tutoring with Ramon

Incredibly rewarding experience. From the outset, Ramon demonstrated an exceptional grasp of calculus concepts, ranging from fundamental principles to more complex theories. What truly set Ramon apart was his ability to simplify and clarify topics that I had previously found challenging. He used a variety of teaching methods, including practical examples, engaging problems, and insightful analogies, which made learning both effective and enjoyable. Another aspect of Ramon's tutoring that I greatly appreciated was his patience and encouragement. He always took the time to ensure that I fully understood each concept before moving on and was always available to answer questions, no matter how trivial they seemed. Moreover, Ramon's sessions were well-organized and tailored to my specific learning needs and pace. This personalized approach not only helped me excel in calculus but also boosted my overall confidence in the subject. In summary, I highly recommend Ramon to anyone looking for a calculus tutor. Whether you're struggling with the basics or looking to master more advanced topics, Ramon’s expertise, teaching style, and dedication to his students' success make him an ideal choice.
By: Matheus

Very patient and thoroughly explains

Ramon is very good at explaining and is very kind. I benefited from him a lot!
By: Arnie

Great help with Functions

Ramon is very well organized and prepared, I look forward to our next session.
By: Marcia

Excellent session

Session had great flow and excellent explanations of concepts excited to have more sessions soon!
By: Talal