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I'm a university student living in the United States who is currently looking to major in mathematics and its common fields, such as engineering, physics, and computer science. I am working on receiving a bachelor's degree in mathematics. I have around 4+ years of tutoring, mostly online, and I had huge success in bringing students' grades up by a lot in mathematics. I am easy to work with students and have constantly positive feedback from students and parents regarding my tutoring sessions. I hope to bring my tutoring success to TutorOcean and make this place a better tutoring place to learn! I can tutor elementary school, middle school, and high school mathematics. I can also tutor calculus and multivariable calculus! Mathematics can be challenging, but I could make learning much easier! If you are currently struggling with mathematics, please do not worry! Feel free to watch my welcome videos or message me anytime to discuss this privately! I could make you dramatically improve your mathematics skills in no time!


Richmond County, New York, United States






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Binghamton University

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