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Christopher B.

CAD $60/hr

STEM Tutor/Teacher Specializing in Mechanical Physics

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With some technical engineering experience, 5+ years as a classroom science teacher, and now 3+ years of STEAM tutoring, I believe that I’m now a well-rounded educator who can help anyone achieve their goals. Whether you need support with a highly-technical course or conceptual understandings more grounded in reality, problem sets or reports, if you’re an advanced learner or struggling with organization and foundational skills, I can meet you where you’re at and help you grow. At this point, I’ve seen just about every teaching method, word problem, diagram, symbolism, etc., and can easily adjust to what your class requires and/or what will help you specifically to wrap your head around the work. And, if we don’t find immediate success, I am persistent and will put in work outside of our sessions to ensure improvement. Perhaps one area that sets me apart as a tutor is my preparedness. While I certainly can give lessons on short notice and answer your questions on the fly, I also like to ensure that we're efficient with our time and that I don't create confusion by doing things too differently from your professor. For example, if the course is AP, IB, Regents, etc., I will review the symbols used and the grading policies beforehand - I've even looked over a few college syllabi for this reason. And if you can send me an assignment ahead of time, I will look it over and perhaps solve some problems ahead of time so that I have clear explanations ready and we don't waste time exploring dead ends. For regular clients, I'm also happy to communicate over messaging as often as you'd like. I will provide regular feedback on growth and needs in both technical and non-technical areas. And for quick questions, I'm happy to help without setting up a lesson and charging. I'm also fortunate to be quite flexible, so please don't hesitate to ask if you can push back a lesson or reschedule.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States






Middle School
High School
I want to learn a new hobby


CUNY Brooklyn College

2013 - 2014
Master of Arts in Teaching, Adolescent Science Education (7-12, specialization in physics

Work Experience

CU Boulder Buffs For Frontline Service Employee Program

October 2021 - February 2023
STEM Tutor
Assisted secondary students with STEM and other coursework as needed. Engaged in weekly staff meetings to develop strategies for enhancing growth mindsets and a sense of community. Advisory role for 1-2 students

Self- Employed

September 2021 - present
Private STEM Tutor (middle school and older)
Meet 1-on-1 (both virtually and in-person) to cover a wide array of physics topics at various levels of complexity. Goals include test prep, conceptual understanding, experimental analysis, and professional preparedness.

CU Boulder Herbst Academic Center

November 2020 - August 2021
STEM Tutor
Worked 1-on-1 virtually with undergraduate student- athletes, mostly on conceptual understanding, problem-solving strategies, and study habits. Courses included physics, astronomy, environmental science, and Excel-based business math.

Mapleton Expeditionary School for the Arts

August 2019 - December 2019
Chemistry Teacher
Started to overhaul school’s chemistry program to avoid didactic instruction in favor of student-centered learning. Other courses taught: Financial literacy, mindfulness, and a week-long “intensive” in strategy games. (I wasn't fired, for what it's worth. That goes for every job.)

The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers

August 2014 - June 2019
Science Teacher
Designed school’s first physics program to align with its core values and learning model ("Learning Cultures"). Fully implemented student-driven, project-based learning alongside daily small group practices in science literacy ("Cooperative Unison Reading"). Other courses taught: Health, Sustainable Buildings, Intro to Green Careers, History of Mankind, Chemistry. After-school: Strategy Club Supervisor (2015 - 2019) Started a club wherein I coached students in the theory of various games. Science Department Lead (2015 - 2017) Facilitated team meetings that involved analyzing student work in order to inform department-wide changes to curriculum and teaching practices. Met regularly with other department leads to address various issues of curriculum implementation. Much of our work focused on designing and aligning mastery-based rubrics for the whole school using academic research. Data Lead (2018 - 2019) Analyzed data and communicated findings to staff to support administrative work and teacher practice. Facilitated staff interactions with school databases and online grading platform. Worked directly with grading platform to cater their display to school’s unique needs.