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4 years of personal tutoring with a 332 GRE score

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Standardised tests can be among the most intimidating challenges every student has to face throughout their academic career. Not only are they an essential part of any university application, but often applicants are also given little to no indication as to how they should prepare for them. Fortunately though, standardised tests like the GRE have one element to student’s advantage that most other examinations do not. The scores students achieve are directly proportional to the number of problems they solve before taking the test. This means that, no matter the starting point, it is always possible to make significant improvements. You just need to have a little patience and have the right method. I started off giving one to one private tutoring on a range of subjects back in high school, just helping out the kids in the years below me, and then began to take it more seriously during my years at university. Now, after preparing for the GRE myself, taking it twice, achieving a score of 332 and using that score to receive offers from universities such as Cambridge and Bocconi, I feel I have much to offer to students either approaching the test for the first time or preparing to give it one last go. I will create a personalised program based on your starting level of performance in GRE simulations and the amount you need your score to increase by for you to reach your objectives. To do this I will help you find the prep method most suited to you, starting from a few different study styles I tried out myself. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to reach out!


Sarzana, Liguria, Italy


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2020 - 2023
BSc, Economic and Social Sciences