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Hello! I am a computer science M.Sc. student at the University of Windsor. I am pursuing a thesis-based program where I am currently researching machine learning solutions to the global climate crisis. While completing my B.Sc. in computer science I mentored hundreds of junior students. I taught them basic programming concepts such as - array, loops, functions, recursion, etc. I also took several workshops on algorithms and data structures such as - stack, queue, BFS, DFS, binary tree, binary search, linear search, etc. After completing my B.Sc. I have worked as a Software Engineer for four years. In my job, I held regular workshops on Java topics such as - Object Oriented Programming, Java updates, Spring Framework, Hibernate ORM etc. After that I got admitted to the University of Windsor where I am a graduate teaching assistant. I am marking students' papers and assignments, and I am supporting them to understand the concepts covered in the course. My computer science background and related skills, and my teaching/mentoring experience will aid me in order to perform the tutoring job perfectly. I am honest, passionate, caring, and an empathetic human being. If I get to be your tutor, you will not only find a tutor in me but also a mentor. - Nourin


Windsor, Ontario, Canada


English, Bangla




Middle School
High School


University of Windsor

2021 - 2023
M.Sc. in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence