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Hello! My name is Miguel. I am a chemical engineer, and I recently moved from my home country, Venezuela, to Padova, Italy to study for a master's degree in Circular Economy. I have been tutoring Spanish on Tutor Ocean for roughly a year, and this has given me the perfect tools to help students in this, my native language. My students enjoy their classes, which I personalize and continuously improve according to their requirements. Whether it is that you need Spanish conversation practice, want to prepare for your Spanish exam, need guidance with your homework, or want to learn this fascinating language from scratch, please contact me and I will help you. Also, because of my academic experience, I can help you with topics related to engineering, math, and chemistry, where I have more than 2 years of experience. Nos vemos.


Bolzano, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy


Spanish, English, Italian




Middle School
High School
I want to learn a new hobby


Universita degli studi di Padova

2021 - 2023
Circular Economy
Master's degree in sustainable chemistry and technologies for the circular economy.

Universidad Metropolitana

2016 - 2020
Chemical Engineer, Chemical Engineering

Work Experience

Tutoring Company

December 2019 - present
Chemistry, Math and Spanish Tutor.


Spanish tutor

I think he will be a good tutor, good manner and nice to the kids. Glad to meet him.
By: Xiuling

good good good

my children said he like it, and its interesting . Also he didn’t like study,but today he so happy
By: Dingsheng

Highly recommend tutor

Miguel is AMAZING! To motivate his students, he gets to know each student's interests and then integrates those interests into his lessons. I like the color purple and so he integrated the color into our Spanish lessons. He is very caring. He is great at teaching me grammar too. Miguel is a fun tutor and makes the lessons interesting. He sent me a book list and I just chose the book that I will be reading every day and he will use every week to focus his lessons. It is fun!
By: Isaura


Miguel is a great tutor. He is dynamic and his teaching methods are very effective. He is always introducing new methods in our Spanish tutoring sessions rather than using the same strategies each week. He personalizes the lessons, taking into account my interests. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Miguel. I am learning very well and gaining confidence in my Spanish abilities. I highly recommend Miguel as a tutor. Do not hesitate to get in touuh with him!
By: Coralie


Miguel will exceed all your expectations. He is a great instructor and a warm and thoughtful human being. I first registered my 10 year old son for help with proficiency in Spanish. Thomas liked Miguel and the session so much that I ended up registering my two older daughters for Spanish tutoring sessions as well! Miguel provides a high quality learning experience and uses lots of positive reinforcement. He sends each of them engaging homework that is tailored to each of their interests. He has sent them book lists to pique their interests in Spanish literature. They each then selected a book that they liked and Miguel uses the book to also create lessons to enhance vocabulary and comprehension. He is also a great communicator and very professional. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED tutor.
By: Maria