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Akhirun Nahar M.

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I am a second year Chemical Engineering student at the University of Toronto

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I have achieved a total of 9 A*s out of all 9 subjects in my O Level Education and 4 A*s in all for 4 subjects in my A Level Examination. I am currently studying at the University of Toronto. I will be teaching students over my summer break from my home country.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


English, Bangla




Middle School
High School


University of Toronto

2021 - 2025
Bachelor in Applied Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering
I have completed my first year at UofT. I am currently a sophomore.

Manarat Dhaka International College

2019 - 2021
A Level Examination, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Biology
I received A*s in all of these subjects.

Manarat Dhaka International College

2019 - 2019
O Level Examination, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General Mathematics, Additional Mathematics, Accounting, English, Bangla, Bangladesh Studies
I received A* in all of these subjects.