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#Are you an AP or IB student seeking help and exam prep? Contact me to find out how to score better on your AP and IB exams. We will: * go over practice questions and identify content that you're struggling with and address your needs with a review plan. * go over what the AP/IB graders are specifically looking for in the writing portions of the exams. *address strategies for approaching the writing sections (FRQs) and what you can do to make these large problems easier. #Are you here because you want to push your grade up just a little further and you just want a little more practice and guidance? Is class overwhelming at times you want more confidence in your ability and knowledge to get through the year? Not only am I a subject expert in physics and chemistry but I also approach the tutoring sessions more as a coach and a guide. I'm very good at what I do in terms of guiding our sessions and explaining content and following up with feedback and I enjoy working one on one with students who are seeking a little extra help and need a confidence boost from someone who's been in their shoes. If this is you, contact me and we'll sit for an initial plan meeting (no charge for this) and go over strengths , goals, and a plan for moving forward so that your grade improves and you feel more confident. About me: TX certified Physics and Chemistry teacher. In total I've been teaching 14 years. Most of my experience has been teaching AP and IB level classes in both chemistry and physics. More about me: I lead district workshops for AP teachers in how to teach the class and curriculum and go over tips that help their students score better on exams. I also write curriculum for the AP and IB classes to be used by school districts.


Heber Springs, Arkansas, United States






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Oklahoma Christian University

2003 - 2007
Science Education, Education