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I can provide affordable coaching sessions in the following areas: study skills, college application, transition from high school to college, from school to work, course selection, responsible decision making, and making effective educational goals. I improve study skills by identifying students' learning styles by testing, creating an effective study schedule and plan that meshes well with other priorities, gives adequate time to retain information, and works best for the student, introducing effective memorization techniques such as mnemonic devices, establishing student accountability, using effective note taking strategies such as the Cornell method, emphasizing the importance of daily revision to retain information and avoiding cramming when tests are approaching, creating goals that align with the students' study plan and monitoring consistency, maintaining organization, and engaging in all pertinent assignments and readings to become a successful test taker and maintain a good grade point average. It is my destiny to prevent students from dropping out of school. As most students do not get the desired individual attention from their guidance counselor/academic advisor because he or she can manage up to 400 students, I am always available and an appointment never has to be set for assistance. College is sink or swim and I want all of my clients to become a shark. My motto is be the best as you pursue success.


Manchester, New Hampshire, United States









Long Island University- Brooklyn

2011 - 2015