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Jakra J.

CAD $24/hr

Experienced Tutor in High School and University Physics, with 2.5 Years of working as mechanical Engineer.

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1. In-depth Physics Understanding: With seven years of teaching experience, I possess a deep understanding of physics phenomena. I can explain these concepts thoroughly and connect them to real-life scenarios, bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical engineering perspectives. 2. Equal Commitment to Teaching: I prioritize my students' success above all else. I am readily available to answer questions and provide assistance, not only during scheduled tutoring hours but also outside of them. Ensuring my students' progress is of utmost importance to me. 3. Accessible Support: I offer flexible support to my students, whether it's through quick calls, email, or messaging apps. This accessibility ensures that my students can receive timely guidance on their homework or projects, helping them grasp physics concepts effectively. 4. Confident Academic Background: I am highly confident in my academic background and abilities. I am willing to tackle challenging and unforeseen physics and engineering questions to provide assurance to both my employer and students regarding my expertise.


Richmond, British Columbia, Canada


English, Thai




High School


The University of British Columbia

2023 - 2024
Master of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering
GPA 4.30 with international graduate scholarship.

Work Experience

Gulf Energy Development

June 2021 - August 2023
Mechanical Engineer
Work Responsibilities 1. Filter the raw data obtained from sensors by effectively eliminating signal overshoot and tower distortion, ensuring that each sensor performs in accordance with the calibration certificate provided. 2. Conduct vertical extrapolation using data from multiple height sensors to accurately determine the free velocity at the specific height of the turbine. 3. Develop a long-term velocity profile utilizing appropriate algorithms, aiming to minimize uncertainty and enhance the accuracy of the predicted model. 4. Construct a wind resource grid and assess annual energy production potential, as well as evaluate environmental impacts such as noise and shadow flickering. This evaluation is essential for assessing the feasibility of wind farm development at the given location. 5. Optimize the wind farm design by considering various turbine models, taking into account factors such as price, manufacturing period, transportation logistics, and relevant experience. Additionally, optimize turbine positions while considering potential restrictions imposed by landowners or legal constraints, striving to find the most suitable configuration that balances energy production and compliance with constraints.


Knowledgable tutor

Jakra is very patient and takes the time to give an introduction on each topic. He goes step by step, and makes sure that the material is being understood.
By: Monisha

Good explanation

Jakra provided good explanation of the concept and explained all possibilities of questions to expect in an exam.
By: Yusif