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Lily G.

USD $20/hr

High School Math Tutor

8 hours

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Spend one month to get up to speed with your peers if you are struggling with current math classes.

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Do you want to declare one month a math month? Get intensive tutoring three times a week, improve your math skills at a fast pace.

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An introductory 15-minute session is free of charge and can help us get to know each other. I am a Computer Scientist by training and profession. As Computer Science involves a lot of math (and I love it), I have been tutoring students for the past two years, as I want to help people discover the world of mathematics and not be scared of it. I help students who might be struggling at their math classes to quickly get to the level of their peers as well as the more advanced students to dive deeper into the subject. By tutoring math, I give my students the perspective of how much mathematics there is in daily life, as well as how mathematics can widen career options. As we first start our lessons, we will identify what your needs are and make sure the classes go according to your needs and the preferred teaching style.


Yerevan, Armenia


Armenian, English




Middle School
High School


Yerevan State University

2021 - 2023
Master of Science, Applied Statistics and Data Science
The course covers the advanced mathematics behind Data Science as well as applied Data Science skills, including Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, etc.

American University of Armenia

2017 - 2021
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
I received fundamental Computer Science Education including courses in Programming (Data Structures, Algorithms, Databases, Networks) as well as courses in advanced math (Discrete Math, Single Variable, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Real Analysis, Differential Equations)

Work Experience

Cynora GmBH

January 2021 - present
Data Scientist
At Cynora we innovate OLEDs, I work with molecular data, creating advanced AI tools to help the company achieve its goals

VMware Armenia

August 2020 - January 2021
Software Engineer

January 2020 - present
Math Tutor
I tutor middle school and high school kids through the traditional US curriculum. I also help more advanced students with math homework