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Gaurav Pal S.

CAD $20/hr

Grade 9-10 Math Tutor

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Having gone through the same difficulties as high school students face in mathematics, I will offer one to one sessions to help you out and get to the root cause of the problem and understand it rather than cram it. You can message me before you need any help and I typically reply fast! Here are some of my credentials: Currently a second year University student at Ontario Tech with a combined 4.26/4.3 GPA in first year and 97 % in PCM in high school with a certificate of merit in Mathematics from Indian Board CBSE in grade 10 for scoring among the top 0.1% students nationwide (India).


Whitby, Ontario, Canada


Hindi, English, Punjabi




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Ontario Tech University

2021 - 2025
Automotive Engineering- B.Eng, Mechanical
In second year with first year GPA of 4.26 on a 4.3 scale and inclusion in university's president list with certificate of merit in Mathematics in grade 10.