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MATLAB classes, fun, simple and clear explanations

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NOTE: I have taught classes to students from universities in Spain, Denmark, and Norway, achieving satisfactory and passing results in the final exams. Hello! How are you doing? Are you struggling a bit with Matlab, or maybe a lot? No problem! Let's explore the things you would like to learn/understand about this very useful and powerful programming language (once you master it, of course) and clarify all your doubts so that you can see how to excel in it. And all this will be done in a dynamic, enjoyable, and straightforward way, using a language that everyone can understand. In just a few classes, you may not even require additional classes because I am confident that with my teaching method and your effort, this will be a piece of cake, and you may even teach your classmates MATLAB! And since you've read this far, I have to confess that I was initially a "beginner" in Matlab. In fact, I was struggling until someone made me understand that what I believed to be impossible was actually not me but my instructor failing to communicate. Does this experience sound familiar to you? In fact, things have changed a lot since then. I have taught Matlab classes at Aalborg University in Denmark, and my students gave me excellent reviews (as you can see from my ratings:). So what are you waiting for? Let's conquer that challenging guy named MATLAB!


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A positive learning experience.

Good experience, everything very well explained. Her classes are enjoyable, I would recommend her without a doubt.
By: Paula

Carmen's guided journey towards rapid improvement and skill development.

The classes received so far have not been many but I have noticed an evolution in my learning. I am quickly gaining ease and that is due to the advice and teachings that Carmen is giving me. I am correcting errors that she had before and that were difficult to remove because they were errors acquired over the years. In general terms I am quite happy with the classes because Carmen is seen as a serious girl and committed to her work, she is punctual and accepts the suggestions that I can make about the work we are doing, without a doubt I will continue with the classes to be able to evolve.
By: Miguel

With a deep knowledge of the language, Carmen will make sure you understand her lesson.

Carmen is great at explaining the subtleties of the language. Whenever I have a question, I can always expect a deep and detailed response. She truly understands the language makes sure you are truly understanding it as well. Also, she is not boring.
By: Konrad

Carmen's dedication to deepening understanding and translating abstract concepts is wonderful.

Carmen was extremely helpful with evolving my understanding of the subject matter. During class, many of the concepts that were taught felt somewhat abstract, but when I spent time with Carmen, she was able to explain the concepts in a way that brought more substantial comprehension. The time and patience Carmen committed to helping myself and others grasp the concepts is greatly appreciated.
By: Mike

Carmen's dynamic and engaging teaching style transforms programming into an accessible journey

Carmen is an exceptional teacher. She not only explains well (something fundamental in a teacher) but she also worries that we, her students, find out about the subject. Her classes are very dynamic and fun and make you stop seeing programming as something impossible. Without a doubt, a 100% recommended teacher
By: Fiona