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Angelo D.

USD $120/hr

Selling Coach

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I can help you and your business grow with simple selling techniques that can litterally change the way you look at the world. I'll teach you how to sell everything, not just goods and services! You'll be able to sell and manupulate in all your life areas! ;)


Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy


English, French, Spanish, Italian




I want to learn a new hobby



2016 - 2024
The best one avaliable, Sales
During my work experice I've studied and continue to study selling techniques and overall how to have more self-confidence. This changed my life in business, family and love.

Work Experience


January 2016 - present
Worked in many companies selling many differents things and services. Now I just sell my courses to other salesmen and my holistic treatments.


He totally changed my mindset and my view on things.

Before choosing to work with Angelo I was terrified of sales. I did everything I could to avoid them..I would send our emails and messages to invite people to pay me, because if I would have done verbally or by phonecards I would just hide and go away. This started to change once I started to be coached by Angelo. Now I'm so happy to talk to people and invite them to start their journey with me. I enjoy showing the value I can offer to people with my work..and they get it and go on choosing my services. Thank you Angelo for your amazing skills and for being and awesome coach. I couldn't suggest him enough.
By: Bianca Luana