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Daniel Keith B.

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General physics and mathematics tutoring from a real researcher

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I have a doctorate from the University of Durham in the UK in string theory. Since obtaining my PhD I have worked around the world as a postdoctoral researcher where I have tutored, mentored and taught students from all walks of life and at various levels of education. I have experience in various areas of physics and mathematics including but not limited to: condensed matter, relativity, quantum field theory, string theory, algebra, differential geometry and complex analysis. My teaching methodology focuses on the individual and finding the best way for them to grasp a subject. Physics and mathematics are important subjects to study as they provide us with several important skills that can enhance career prospects. What I intend for people to learn from me are: 1. the confidence to present and defend your results and importantly to be critiqued, 2. an intuitive understanding of the material with the ability to fill out that gut feeling into a logical argument with precise English, 3. a solid toolkit of techniques to tackle unusual problems, 4. and a lack of fear when faced with a novel situation, in particular, to free form and assess ideas for solving problems before tackling them. I promise that I will help you develop these skills with kindness and plenty of support (ok, and maybe a touch of humor).


Genova, Italy






Middle School
High School


University of Durham

2008 - 2013
PhD, Particle theory
I have a doctoral degree in string theory, in particular the applications of gauge/gravity duality to condensed matter physics. This has given me a broad and wide ranging knowledge of physics and mathematics.

University of Durham

2004 - 2008
4 Year Master Programme in Natural Sciences, Physics and Mathematics
I studied for a joint honours degree in Mathematics and Physics. I have strong skills in both areas.

Work Experience

Ecole Polytechnique

December 2021 - November 2023
Marie Curie Fellowship holder
I won a prestiguous Marie Curie Sklodowska grant to work at Ecole Polytechnique on my research proposal in relaxed hydrodynamics.

INFN Sezione di Genova

September 2018 - November 2021
Postdoctoral researcher

ICTS University of Science and Technology of China

October 2016 - November 2018
Postdoctoral researcher


Excellent Tutor

Taking Maths lessons for A level JC1 and very happy with his teaching style and his commitment towards student learning needs. Highly recommend him, if you are looking for a good Tutor.
By: Pushpanjli

Great Teacher!

Daniel was really helpful and supportive at guiding me through physics problems. He was encouraging and explained all concepts thoroughly making sure I understood all problems. He's also really passionate at teaching which makes me more motivated to learn. Overall great experience.
By: Katlyn