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Let's Slay this TOEFL Dragon!

1 hours

TOEFL Prep Consultation Discount Special

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TOEFL Speaking Diagnostic Pretest

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TOEFL Speaking Diagnostic Scoring & Feedback

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Two 30-Min. ELL Quick Fix Fluency-Builder Lessons

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Rate is negotiable. ESL Learners are My Heroes! As a full - time, Certified TOEFL Scorer, I've spent the past 10 years of my Scoring career masterfully deciphering the pedagogy of this extremely high - stakes language and academic communication test. This test is painfully complex and It takes a truly courageous and remarkably studious work ethic to tackle this monster called the "TOEFL". It seems that every two years when the test - taker's TOEFL score expires, candidates have to return to the lair of this high - stakes dragon, only to find that it has grown another horn. This is a life - altering examination which requires a great deal of passion, intense commitment and precision during the preparation process. As a Certified TOEFL Scorer with privileged access to authentic, official TOEFL content; I have customized the most effective linguistic strategies & interventions to ensure mastery of all performance indicators. A Learning partnership that combines your passion with my precision and expertise will surely remove this obstacle on your Path to Success. Show me the Numbers and I will use every privileged resource made exclusively available to me (an experienced TOEFL Scorer) to unlock the TOEFL code, as well as your potential to master it and achieve your dream score. Call me the "Dragon Slayer"!


Williamsburg, Virginia, United States






Middle School
High School


Old Dominion University

2005 - 2007
MSEd, Education Curriculum and Instruction

The College of William and Mary

1996 - 1999
B. A., Philosophy